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Support anime producers and licencors by watching anime streamed legally, or by buying it directly from the source. 
Support Mangaka by buying licensed manga from your local bookstore or eBook platform. 
Know a friend in a different school who's interested in anime? Recommend them to their own schools Anime Club. 
Join Anime Society for out daily Cosplay Fridays. Dress up as your favorite characters, whether it's store bought or handmade.
Want to wear an original and out of this world cosplay, but don't know where to start? Look no further, here are various ideas the members of Anime Society have created. 
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A list of all of the Anime Society and weeaboo approved sites for authentic Japanese food and treats.
Some miscellaneous Japanese themed sites we've discovered to to keep you amused during your spare time when you're just dying for some new otaku related content.