Thursday, November 23, 2017

KONOHANA KITAN: The Transient Guest {Episode 8}

I've been collecting a lot of different images from the series, and I'm excited to start working on my flower article for it. It'll take time, as I'm not well versed in the language of flowers, but there's no time like the present to learn.

I loved this weeks episode, mainly because it was just slightly more complex than the previous ones. There were multiple characters shown, and then it was revealed that they all shared deeper connections. It was just very heartwarming to see the extent of these bonds, and how Yuzu and the other employees at Konohanatei are able to impact their guests.

The entire premise of the inn is very interesting, as we're not very sure at this point where the inn is. It seems that the inn, as well as the surrounding area, is not exactly connected to the rest of the world in a certain sense. There's the reality that it's placed in, where spirits and deities exist. There is the reality of the dead, the afterlife if you would. And then there is a reality that mimics our own, where humans can wander in. It seems that the area of Konohanatei is a crossroads of sorts.

I like to think of Konohanatei as an inn at a cross-section, with roads going in many different directions. And the inn stands in the center of it, greeting guests and preparing them both physically and emotionally for the rest of their journey. There are dozens of roads connected to this place, which serves as a sanctuary, a place of healing and growth.

My way of picturing it may be different than what the creators intended, but I think that sums up the main idea. The center of crossroads, where many people meet, heal and move on to the rest of a long journey. I'd also like to point out that so far, every guest that has attended the inn has only been halfway through their journey. The married daughter and her mother were still traveling to the afterlife, as was the ghost girl. The boy and the man were just there on a brief stop before returning to their own reality. Konohanatei has always been a stopping point in the midst of journeys that involved struggles.

I love how this series continues to grow and get deeper with each passing episode, and how it has so many different subplots and concepts that intertwine over time and grow. It has major rewatch value and is very enjoyable as it holds immeasurable depth. It's beautiful, layered, and I find that every time I watch an episode I feel so much better about everything happening. For a high-stress person such as myself, this series is soothing.