Thursday, November 9, 2017

King's Game

Image result for kings game animeRemember when Corpse Party was a thing? Oh hey, it's kind of back, but not really. King's Game was originally a game that has been adapted into an animation this season, and the premise looked pretty interesting. A classroom of students receives texts from a mysterious "King" with instructions and challenges they must follow out. However, if they fail to do as the text says, they face brutal and deadly punishments. Gore potential, horror, psychological terror, all of these juicy genres seem to be combined in the premise.

No. Absolutely not. King's Game fell through on everything except the gore, which is just distasteful. Let me explain EVERYTHING that this show screwed up on, and where I think they could have actually done a freaking hell of a lot better. Please read this at your digression cause things are gonna get hella nasty my dudes.

First of all, the gore is the only saving grace. That and the sick opening sequence. We see people mangled, explode, broken, twisted, ripped apart and in their most disgusting states. In the first episode or two, it's gross and horrifying, and it actually seems pretty interesting. However, as the series progresses it just gets really boring. They also try to combine the deaths with emotional plot points, which make them seem pretty dumb. All of the gore also seems melodramatic at certain points. There isn't a lot of build up to them, they just happen and there's blood everywhere. When they repeat the same thing in that sort of manner, it's lackluster after a while. It's the same issue that Corpse Party had, the deaths got boring after a while and they were gross instead of terrifying. It was okay, and made it tolerable to watch, but definitely not the best.

The plot for King's Game is just bizarre. Not in the sense that it's weird, but rather it feels very inconsistent and lackluster. Generally, half of the episode is dedicated to the main characters first King's Game experience, while the other half is what's happening in his new class. I think that this could have potentially been an interesting approach, because we know that everyone in the first class will die. Yet at the same time there's a certain hope that we'll be wrong. There's also the compare and contrast feature of showing how mistakes the first class made are being repeated. So as it is, I would say it's 4/10. The two different time lines just break up the flow. I would have preferred to just see the original story without the second class, because the first class was just way more interesting. They didn't have any prior knowledge, they were experiencing terrible things, it was great. Well, great for the viewer, not so much for the students. The second experience just seems to pale in comparison.

A sub point to the previous one is how they tried to make every death or sacrifice very noble and emotional. There also had to be some tear jerking scene, which really just felt stupid and insincere. A lot of characters were so selfless, it was unrealistic. I personally have a view that everyone is selfish and does things that trace back to their own benefit. Beyond my own views, this show still is unrealistic as the characters don't even make sense. One girl goes blind, so she decides to drown herself in the ocean. It doesn't make a lot of sense, the motives for what characters do are weak and poorly explained.

On the topic of things that are unrealistic, the girl who walked into the ocean disappeared. I'm not a scientist, but I know that bodies float in water, especially if they just drowned themselves five minutes prior. And where the hell are the police in this universe? If classrooms full of students are being brutally killed, there should be investigations. Everyone should know about it, the phones should be checked, and the students shouldn't be going back to class. That among many things just don't make logical sense.

I really, really don't like that one weird girl in the second experience. The one who kissed the main character, I haven't bothered to remember her name because that's how little I care. Here, a gif of her in the margins. God she just screams 'suspicious'. Her personality makes no sense, and I'm not sure if it's leading up to the next point I want to make or if they just want to make things creepy. There's no character depth, everything is dramatic all the time, and they fit into stereotype too well.

The final point I wanted to make about this show is what the message was. If I understand correctly, they're trying to at least partially make the point that everyone is corrupt, and in the right situation they become animals. We see a lot of different characters trading in others for themselves, or doing crazy things, or just becoming depraved people in general. However, if this was their point, they completely defeated it by having characters who remained virtuous and good people. People who sacrificed themselves for others. So, that changes their point to be some people are good, and some are bad at heard. No shit, that's life, some people are one thing and others are something else. It's such a god damn boring point to make. If they want to have something interesting and philosophical, they should stick with it. I would have much rather seen a bunch of selfish ass, manipulative people duking it out while pretending they care, but they all really try to backstab each other. That was a portion of the characters, but for the most p, rt there were a ton of good people which just ruined it.

Overall I'd say it's not that great, it actually feels just like Corpse Party. they tried to make a psychological thriller, but they didn't have the ability to do that and fell back on mindless gore instead. I'm planning on watching it until the end just to see how it's going to play out and if there will be a major plot twist (like the MC being the King). I wouldn't recommend it, but if you like lots of blood and gore it's worth at least checking out the first episode.