Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Trickster: Punt me into the sun & stop wearing tracksuits

What is the golden rule of reviewing anime you ask? Never base your impression off of just the first episode. Always at least watch a few, unless it's so bad you want someone to punt you into the sun. But since when do I listen to my own rules and advice? I'm a hypocrite through and through. So let's talk about Trickster, worth the time or nah? 
"It is the 2030s. A group of mysterious detectives, the Shonen Tanteidan, work at the command of Akechi Kogoro. They've solved case after case, large and small, with their innate enthusiasm. One day, one of the members of the group, Hanasaki Kensuke, meets an odd boy named Kobayashi Yoshio. Robbed by a strange fog of his ability to die, Kobayashi spent his days in isolation, longing for death. Hanasaki takes an interest in him and invites him to join their group. Their fates become intertwined with those of the nefarious Fiend with Twenty Faces and Kogoro Akechi." - Crunchyroll

When it came out last (?) season I thought it looked really interesting and cool. The description they had as different, describing a security robot going out of control, and at the time it sounded promising. Since then you can see they've obviously changed the description to give a more accurate review.

But when I watched the first episode I can't say that it stuck very well with me. Compared to other series it wasn't as engaging. The art was a little awkward at times. The plot and the characters aren't introduced very well in the first episode. And overall, the story just seemed very inconsistent. It's based on work by Edogawa Ranpo, who I'm a huge fan of. But I almost feel a little insulted because they didn't do a good job at all. They didn't make the goal, characters, motives, or anything clear at all in the first episode, which is supposed to be the hook. It was like they had a lot of good ideas, but they couldn't figure out how to make them work together properly, so now they're all mashed in like some awkward vegan smoothie.

I didn't even bother to watch the second episode, but I did take it upon myself to do extensive research about the show, the plot, the director, and original writer, all of that fun stuff. It probably would have been easier for me to just sit down and watch the series, I would have been able to properly judge for myself, even if it took a lot of time up which I could have used for other series I actually cared about. But here's the thing. Something that pissed me off so much that I quit after the first episode.
Image result for trickster anime
The guy in the track suit.

Oh my god just LOOK at him. I've seen tons of anime characters in track suits, for instance, Subaru from Re:Zero and Shirou from Fate. But they had these personality types, as well as designs, that just made it acceptable. Like, okay, that's fine I guess, whatever. But THIS GUY. LOOK AT THE COLOR. It's such a weird color, and it just makes him look like whoever designed him ran out of colored ink or something and just decided to use the nearest Crayola crayon to finish him up. There's just not a lot of color variation and he looks like a soggy carrot. His personality also makes him so annoying and irritating to me. The combination made watching Trickster unbearable for me.

The other main character also included in the picture, he's okay. Not my favorite design but I can live. If you watch the first episode though his legs are so skinny that it looks all screwed up in the animation, they're literally noodles and lines and just a mess. It's like the animators forgot that his legs had to go with his body and remain consistent. It's not like his legs end where his pants do guys, get it together.

I have only two requests from my lovely readers. Please, punt my beautiful ass into the sun so I can finally be free of this world. And please, I'm begging you, don't wear a track suit.