Saturday, August 5, 2017

Nora, Princess and Stray Cat: Direct Critical Hit to the Gut

"Handa Nora is a typical boy. One spring day on his way to school, he comes across a beautiful girl named Patricia. Patricia is a princess of the afterlife, who had come to destroy all life on the planet. Nora and Patricia share a kiss, transforming him into a black cat." - Crunchyroll

I must admit that I fell out of the season hype for a while. Between my garbage internet connection and getting swept up into old fandoms, I thought I may just drop the Summer season all together except for a select few. But after finally pulling myself together, I check out this cute yet bizarre series simulcasting on Crunchyroll, and I'm hyped up and ready to binge. I'm always a sucker for comedic violence and moe girls

Now I know the majority of anime episodes tend to be around 25 minutes, right? So we otaku have gotten used to sitting for long periods of time just to binge watch a series. But I honestly really value a shorter episode. Nora, Princess and Stray Cat has super short episode, only about 3 minutes. And they also jam a decent amount of content into each one, so it's not like a bunch of random, boring shorts. When it's late at night and I just want some anime to find down to, it's really great to have something short that isn't crappy. I'm looking at you, Love Rice.

The plot is just totally bizarre. Only a few episodes are out so far, but it's enough for us to get a good idea of what's going on. Patricia is a princess of death or whatever, and she transformed Honda into a cat. And the only way to turn him back into a human is for him to kiss a girl. And obviously, he's surrounded by cute girls in his life, with very shapely bodies. Sounds like the perfect recipe for some awkward Rom Com ecchi garbage.

But it actually turns out to just be a fun comedy. There are incidents involving the various female cast, their family, and Patricia's magical powers. To be honest, it still doesn't sound that interesting, but the fact the first episode resulted in them burning down a house 90 seconds into the episode was incredibly entertaining to me. Episode two involved a skeleton, I won't say any more.

It really reminds me of the anime Mr. Osumatsu, just the slap stick comedy and in your face humor. All of the moe girls make it a little weird, but also amplify the humor of the situations. Is it the best anime I've ever seen in my entire life? That title is reserved for Keijo. Is it worth watching? I honestly think so. It's super short, so you can slurp it up in no time flat. You have basically nothing to lose. It's funny, so just take 5 minutes to check it out.