Tuesday, August 1, 2017


Image result for fate apocryphaI'm a bit ashamed to say that I did not watch it on a legal streaming service, I found a site with fan subs just so I could watch it early. I mean, the Fate series is my favorite, and Jeanne D'Arc is one of the main characters in this series. How could I not want to get a taste of the action a little bit early? I'm very happy to say that I was not let down, and it's everything I was hoping for.

Fate/Apocrypha originally started out as light novels, a spin off of the original Fate universe. The Holy Grail War has moved to Romania. Heroic Spirits, Servants, are summoned into the war. But due to unusual circumstances, a total of 15 servants were summoned. Seven for the Black faction, which consists of Yggdmillennia, a magus family defecting from the Clock Tower, and seven were summoned for the Red faction, representing the Clock Tower. The final servant is Ruler, summoned to oversee and mediate the War.

I fell in love with the light novels when I found a kind fan who took it upon themselves to translate the light novels. It had all of the action and drama that was in the other Fate series, but it had way less romance and fanservice. It was focused more on the interpersonal relationships, the battles, and the plot the just grew more interesting over time. The light novels were incredible, and worth the time to check out

But could the anime really be as good as the light novels? With A-1 Pictures as the studio producing it, I had high hopes, but my expectations were actually exceeded. The animation was fluid, it had all of the incredible artistry Unlimited Blade Works had and more. The characters all looked well proportioned as well, and the voices fit their personalities. Overall they just did a really good job, and I'm eagerly sucking up every new episode.

I really like the way they designed the homunculi in Apocrypha. In the light novel and other series, they're pretty much depicted as albinos. But they changed it so Sieg was able to stand out a little bit more as a character I think. He looks less like a wanna-be-copy of Siegfried, and more like an individual, which I think is cool, since the light novel made him sound almost too similar to the hero.

They also highlight Jeanne D'Arc a little more, which I found amazing since she's my favorite character ever and my all time hero. She's featured on a lot of promotional images and art so we can expect that things will be centering on her and her relationship with Sieg a little more.

Fate/Apocrypha will be available on Netflix in December, so keep your eyes peeled for it. It's an incredible series, whether you're in the Fate fandom or not, so it had a lot of watch value for any anime fan.