Thursday, July 13, 2017

I Shall Protect You, No Matter Where: Is it hot in here or is it just this series because holy s-

A lot of people are probably aware of the hit series Kiss Him Not Me, a romantic comedy based around a girl who just wants her admirers to make sweet love to each other. The author, Junko, has started becoming much more popular with Kiss Him Not Me, but where did she really start? She was just like any of us, a girl who was in love with Boys Love (BL) and used her passion for sparking a fujoshi revolution. In other words, all of her work has been centered around BL for the most part. This series is a beautiful short manga that revolves around gentle romance and the determination to protect those that we love. Also, just in case you aren't sold, it's incredibly gay.

We start with a country boy who comes to the bug city to work, only to find that the place he was supposed to work, as well as his housing, has gone bankrupt and he has nowhere to go. But a good friend of his, who he met through unusual circumstances, takes him in generously. It's later on that our main character Akira finds out his friend, Chihiro, is the son of a wealthy family and in a very tough spot. Soon, Akira is on board with living with Chihiro and protecting him at all costs. Eventually, romance blossoms between the two as Chihiro confesses his deep affection and Akira grapples with conflicting feelings.

I Shall Protect You, No Matter Where is probably one of my favorite series by Junko because it really reflects her as an artist. She has a very distinct art style, it's like she has embedded the souls of her characters in the pages. It's also very short and sweet, it doesn't drag out the romance like some of her other more popular series do. The character designs for Akira and Chihiro aren't very elaborate as far as clothing, but their facial features and hair have a lot of work put into them to make sure that they're high quality.

The story is also pretty interesting because they don't overcomplicate things with a detailed plot. It's all pretty straightforward, and the reader is able to mentally fill in any blank spots they might have. The bodyguard trope isn't used that often, so it still has a refreshing tone to it.

And of course, the romance is adorable. It doesn't come in right away, we learn more about what sort of history and bonds the two of them might have before we see the adorable couple grow into each other. At the end of the series, there's also a little bonus of them getting all cuddly and a bit more, which made them so much cuter. I'm a dedicated fujoshi so I may be biased, but they were such a cute couple and so perfect for each other that I could feel my heart running around with a little OTP banner.

I Shall Protect You, No Matter Where has a few different titles, the more common one being Omamorishimasu, Dokomademo is you want to look it up and read it online. It's only about 6 chapters long, is a good quality piece, and I highly recommend looking into it if you like BL or just romance in general. It's such a cute story, and I wish it was legally available in the US. Thankfully fan translators got us covered, so we're able to read this super awesome piece by possibly one of the greatest BL mangaka ever.