Friday, June 30, 2017

It's time for Anime Expo!! (cat has returned)

Image result for anime expoWhere oh where has our lovely site admin gone? Where are all of those new posts and reviews that she promised to do? With all of the Spring seasons wrapping up, she needs to give us coverage!

Yes yes, I hear all of you. But I have a good reason for falling off the face of the earth for 15 days. You see, I am currently in LA getting ready to attend Anime Expo, the largest convention in North America. I'm super excited to be here, and I've been spending a lot of time preparing a strategy. So that has kept me pretty busy and will continue to do so for at least a couple days.

AX-13-GuideI believe a few of you will be at AX as well, and if any of you want to meet up and chat, feel free to send me an email or message! I love being able to meet you guys when I can, and I will be handing out buttons. I have Vocaloid, Soul Eater, SAO, and probably 15 other fandoms, but I'll probably only carry around 5-10 per day so I can keep the weight down. Whether you're a fan of the Anime Society or my side work of OC reviews, as long as you know the super secret password (Which is Scrublord of course) you can get a super special button. You're welcome.

Now, how are you going to find me, with over 250,000 people in this convention? Well, you can find me at the Fate/Grand Order launch, the premieres at Welcome to the Ballroom, Violet Evergarden, and TheAncientt Magus' Bride. I will also be at the Crunchyroll Simulcast Preview panel on the 4th. I will not be in any cosplay this year, but I'll have a purple space backpack. You'll probably be able to find me because I'm sprinting through the crowds and look like I'm about to commit murder. I'm taking this years trip pretty seriously...
Image result for mascots anime expo
So I look forward to seeing some of you there, and I'm super excited to be able to participate in the event this year. I won't have any more posts up for a while, but when I get back from the trip I will definitely work on churning some out for you guys. I marathoned plenty of seasons of anime (coughGurrenLaganncough) so I have plenty to talk about once I sit my lazy ass down and get cracking.