Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Animals: Apparently some people need a random blogger to tell them if Maroon 5's song is socially acceptable

I read an incredible LevixReader fanfiction (Animals) a few days ago, one that was based on the song 'Animals' by Maroon 5. Now normally I don't read reader inserts or ones with such a horrible nature, but the author is really good and I just like their work in general, so I felt compelled to read all of their stuff. But anyway, the song was stuck in my head, so I listened to it on repeat for a while. Eventually, I started to pay attention to the lyrics, and I have to say that I was pretty surprised. I poked around, and apparently, it was a big deal and a huge controversy. I know I'm late to the party, but how about we talk about whether it's okay to like this song.

The song is really catchy, not a lot of people can argue against that. It has good tempo, I like the pitch, and it just sounds really fricking good. So if we're talking about sound, it's good. But the lyrics and music videos are what has caused such an uproar.

In the official music video, we see a guy standing in the rain stalking this girl, taking photos, breaking into her house, and getting all pissed off when she's with another guy. They only met once when he was on shift at the butchers, but yeah. He stalks her, thinks he loves her, he also punches some meat and rubs blood on himself, has a nightmare about the girl's boyfriend, and he tries to talk to her once but apparently his balls haven't dropped yet. So yeah, pretty creepy crazy. In summary, he obsesses over a girl he met once and stalks her without her knowing. The whole stalking aspect of it is what people got super upset over, as it was pretty intense. I mean, the guy broke into her house and was watching her sleep, that's some Santa BS right there. It's crazy, but it's actually pretty accurate for what being stalked is like, they didn't try to make it overly sexy (just enough so it wasn't way over the top in the weirdness) or romantic, it was just somewhat realistic and scary.

So, while we have that music video with all of it's... pleasantries, the lyrics are somewhat different in content. The lyrics make it sound like they were in a relationship, she broke it off and now he's stuck on her to the point it's unhealthy and creepy. The video made it seem like they were strangers, but the lyrics make it sound like they had a bad relationship and now the ex is obsessed. It kinda bothers me that they don't even match up correctly, but that's just a pet peeve thing.

The lyrical music video that the band released, while somewhat less disturbing, is also pretty creepy. They have imagery of snake and a bunny on a bed, and I didn't see the very end so I don't know for sure, but they leave it in the air as to whether the bunny will get eaten or not. We all know it won't, that's animal cruelty and they would never do it, but there's this weird paranoia that sets in when we don't know for sure.

I know a lot of you are saying that the song/video romanticizes what's going on, but I don't pick up on that at all. It's all from the viewpoint of the guy/stalker, and we know he's fucked up, and it's not just acceptable. And the girl isn't responding with "Oh my god this is super hot!!" No, she doesn't even realize what he's doing. It's not romantic, and anyone who views it from that point obviously isn't actually analyzing what's going on. They're just listening to certain parts, thinking it's about sex and stuff, and taking it at face value. I recently talked to someone who was like that, and they based their whole opinion on the song just from the chorus.

Now, is it okay to like the song? Yes, it has a lot of mature themes that are not cool. Yes, it presents an image, in all three aspects that I've talked about above, of something super creepy. Yes, it's spooky. But who cares? It's a song, listen if you want, if you don't like it then listen to something else. I don't understand why everyone finds this so hard. If you don't like something then just don't read/watch/listen to it. People just want to find things to bash, and in all honesty, it's stupid. If you don't like something, just avoid it instead of ruining it for other people who might enjoy it. I like the song because it's catchy, and it is something that we don't normally see/hear about normally. It has its flaws, I'm not saying it's perfect, but it's nice and I wouldn't skip the song if it came on.

Moral of the story: Do what you want to do. Don't do what you don't want to do. It's not that hard people, this isn't rocket science stupid.