Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Wrapping up Shirobako

Image result for shirobakoHello hello, your favorite admin Cat here! Fun fact, did you know that there are only 20 days of school left, including finals? (We have a Monday off towards the end of te month, make sure you mark your calendars)

Generally, everyone watches their own anime. We all have different tastes, are in different episodes, and usually, we all do our own thing and then sometimes convene. But recently, due to the rise in popularity of Sakura Quest and the urgings of Miles Thomas (Crunchyroll Marketing Expert Extraordinaire), the majority of our club members have been enraptured by Shirobako!

Not quite everyone has finished up yet, but I'm happy to announce that for the most part that most of the Anime Society members int he Shirobako circle have finished up. It's pretty cool that we were all able to get into something at the same time, as for the most part of watching is pretty uncoordinated.

Now that we're all reaching the end of Shirobako, I hope that we can all get into another fandom together fairly soon. We have been streaming My Hero Academia at our meetings, so maybe we should all try to get into that one? I actually want to do an article on MHA pretty soon, it's really good and it deserves to get a little more attention from our admins.