Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Twin Angels BREAK: Well call me crazy but I think it's a knockoff

"Amatsuki Meguru is a girl who innocently aspires to be a hero of justice and the cool Kisaragi Sumire who grew up in the strict Kisaragi household... The two girls who are in their 3rd year of middle school end up getting orders from a mysterious hedgehog named Miruku-chan and turn into Twin Angels in order to fight evil! Meguru is always cheerful but sometimes a bit too forceful. Meanwhile, Sumire isn’t accustomed with being around others. Despite their differences, as they work together, they start opening up to each other."

In essence, Twin Angels Break is a magical girl anime, very similar to Sailor Moon. VERY similar. REALLY REALLY SIMILAR. What the hell, is there even a Tuxedo Mask?! What is happening?!
Okay, it looks like a knockoff of Sailor Moon, and is totally bizarre. There's the talking animal, Tuxedo Mask makes an appearance in the opening sequence, and there's a ton of cliche tropes. If I got a dollar for ever time I saw a optimistic country character wanting to do their very very best, I would be rolling in bitches right now. And the lone wolf character, so mysterious, so tragic, wow!!!! 

Not. It was so cliche I'm literally still in shock. What is even happening? My hands are frozen in shock. Hasn't the anime world progressed past all of this? Apparently not. What really pissed me off is that fact a freaking HEDGEHOG started TALKING TO HER, and she didn't even REACT. An animal is speaking to me? Well shit, just another Tuesday I guess. It was just so out there, it didn't even make sense. There needs to be normal reactions to certain things happening, that seems like basic knowledge. 

The animation is also pretty low quality. While it looks nice design-wise, when you look at their movements, they're all really basic. In the first episode, when they have their first battle, all the movements are very slow and awkward. They slice through the enemies like they're butter, there's no friction or push back. If you're fighting against a solid person, and you're hitting solid flesh and bone, there'll be kickback. It's just so weird to watch. And when you're swinging stuff around, it picks up speed, it's heavy, it's like gravity and physics don't even effect these people! 

There's also the very cliche seen of the hedgehog saying that the MC is new, but she has power. She's barely even touching the things with her little wrecking ball weapon and they're poofing away. That's not power, it's having really weak enemies and a bad plot. Also the fact that they could clearly see each others faces and not recognize each other...

The way she transformed was pretty weird also. The transformation itself was fine, but the fact she has to have a coin, to open an egg, to get the ring, to transform. It feels like such an overly complicated process, just give her the ring and be over with it. AND she even knew what to say for her magical girl transformation. Even Usagi in Sailor Moon had to have Luna tell her what to say at first, from what I remember. But this girl, who's name I don't even care to remember, can automatically know what to say as she opens the stupid egg with her magic pirate coin that came from her hand that will give her a special ring. 

My mind is honestly just all over the floor trying to figure out how this could have been made. It's just.... kinda sad. Ever since watching Flip Flappers and various other quality magical girl anime, I feel like my standards have been so much higher. 

Twin Angel BREAK is good in it's own right, it's cute and a good addition to the standard Magical Girl genre. But that's it, it's standard, it doesn't go out of the box and make a place for itself. Maybe later in the series it will actually turn into something better and explore better topics other than a magical egg, but as of now the first episode was boring and didn't make a very good impression.