Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Overlord is now on Crunchyroll

"When a popular MMORPG is scheduled to be shut down permanently, veteran player Momonga refuses to log out. As NPCs begin to develop personalities and minds of their own he decides to put his skills to use as the game’s new overlord"

I've been hearing news about Overlord movies coming out soon, or something along that line. I don't know how long they've been working on it, or if it's in preparation of that event, but Overlord is now available on Crunchyroll! 

I'm really excited to check it out. I had watched the first episode and found it really cool, but had to sit through all of those ads (boo). So now that it's on Crunchyroll, I can enjoy it ad free, in high definition. 

It's set in a game and holds similarities to Sword Art Online, at least as far as how it's set up as a game system. It seems to be a dive system, but it doesn't really go in depth on that aspect. While it is a game, it seems to focus more on the fact that this is Momonga's new life. I've only seen one episode, but I'm so pumped up to watch more. The opening and ending theme songs are also super awesome! Myth&Roid has L.L.L. for the ending, and as a big fan of their work I'm super happy. The opening is also cool. 

@Crunchyroll thank you for adding Overlord to the catalog.