Friday, May 19, 2017

Love Rice: I forced myself into a coma just so I didn't have to watch it anymore

"The Harvest Show" is a concert where all of the different grains show off their beauty to everyone watching, and "HarveStars" is the name given to the grains who put on the best performances. In this age of rice acreage reduction policies and Westernization of eating habits, bread has become the most popular grain in Japan, and tables are dominated by "Yeast King," the bread HarveStars. But five new rice students have enrolled at Kokuritsu Inaho Academy, a school on the verge of shutting down, and they form a new group called "Love Rice" that's practicing to beat Yeast King..."

I really hate to be that jerk of a person, I really do. But this show made me question my sanity and my love for anime on the first episode, which is only 5 minutes long, maybe less. I'm not really loving this rice... 

First of all, look at the characters. They look so awkward and it looks like they're growing ribbons out of their hair. They look cliche, and they are cliche. I didn't even have the patience or willpower to watch past the first episode, but from everything I've heard, it doesn't get better. It's just this awkward cliche mess about people who literally go to a school to... promote rice? My body forcibly ejected my soul when I watch it, so I don't have a very strong recollection of what the plot was if there even was one. 

The whole plot is really dumb. So what if people don't list rice as their favorite grain? Let people do their thing, have opinions, live their lives. If they like bread over rice, who cares? There's still a lot of people who eat rice, it's not like it's going to kill the industry. Actually, I just read the description and I guess they have restrictions, which must make rice more expensive. Well, why not just suck it up and pay the extra for rice if you love it so much, instead of basically trying to control and change everyone else's opinions? From what I've gathered, they seem to be competing in some sort of arena to save the future and popularity of rice or something along those lines that's just as stupid. 

Let me just put this out here. Unless these cliche characters are fighting to the death in an arena, with grain styled weapons and blood everywhere, I don't want to watch it. Why would I spend my time watching something with a bad plot, trash characters, and it's all poorly made gags? 

What some people seem to like about it is that it breaks through the idol barrier in a certain sense. It's like a really washed out version of Love Live, and apparently, that's appealing. There's also the fact it's short and a gag anime. Obviously, this isn't meant to be a serious show, but the humor is a little stale, overused, and more cringe-worthy than funny. 

While I may hate this anime enough to want to launch myself into another dimension (2D please, but not Love Rice 2D), it is for some people. It really just depends on your type of humor and your mood. If it's even the tiniest bit interesting, it's worth checking out. Each episode is only 4-5 minutes long, so marathoning the whole season (when it finishes simulcasting) would only take an hour. You'll know after the first episode if it's something you want to look into further. And if not, your body has probably already put itself into a coma in order to protect your brain from absorbing anything else.

Or don't. I can't stop you. Do what you want.