Saturday, May 13, 2017

Alice & Zoroku: It's All in a Name

As of right now, Part One of Alice & Zoroku has wrapped up, with a special episode with features and highlights and whatnot. I didn't watch the special because it didn't seem interesting to me, so I don't know what it said and if it had any hints to what we can expect in the next part of the series. But I have a theory, along with SOLID EVIDENCE AND LOGIC to support my claim. What on earth can we expect from this booming new series? And what does the difference between '&' and 'to' have to do with anything? Will I ever get back what the sock goblins stole?!

Alright, so there are a few ways that this can go down. At this point in the plot, there's plenty of options, but most of them seem unlikely, so here are the more probably ones. The first option is that a new antagonist comes in. This in itself seems logical, but just this happening would take away the slice of life sensation that the series has given us, so just having another antagonist with nothing else isn't too likely, but it is possible.

The second is that it becomes a slice of life type of series between Sana and hew new family. Like the first option, I doubt that they would just do this by itself. They could probably pull it off, and it would be enjoyable, but after building things up the wy they have, it would be a bit of a damper on things.

The third is a mix of the two, as it has been doing so far. This is the safe choice, and pretty probable. Why ruin a good thing, just keep up what they have. It might feel a bit repetitive though, but that really depends on how they execute things.

The fourth is going to be similar to three, a mix between a slice of life and adventure, yet a little more specific on how they would do that. Here's my proposition. The plot will take a turn to include not just Sana, but all of the dreams of Alice. With nowhere to go, they are put into the Zoroku household where they learn more about the outside worlds and themselves. And there will be some sort of an antagonist to keep the action side of the series rolling. Now, what evidence could I possibly have to support this idea? Simple. The title of the show.

Notice that it's Alice & Zoroku, not Sana & Zoroku. While this could just be indicating the fact that Zoroku is now apart of the Dreams of Alice world in a sense, it could also be hinting that he will have further involvement with the Dreams of Alice.

Another hint in the title about what could be happening is the translation. There's the name we use now, Alice & Zoroku, but it can also be translated into Alice to Zoroku. While it doesn't seem like a big deal, it could potentially mean a lot. As I have said above, & may mean it's Zoroku and several of the Dreams of Alice. But with 'to,' it seems to hint at a change in Sana instead. She started off as pretty much a lab rat, her ability and not being human seemed to define her. She didn't have a sense of self, but then she met Zoroku. It was when she encountered him that she started to really show individuality, and she became her own person. Sana was accepted into his family, and she's now beginning to grow into herself. She is, quite literally, going from a Dream of Alice to a Zoroku family member, Alice to Zoroku. This would probably support option three, but instead of all of the Dreams ofAlice, things would focus on Sana.

When people pick titles for things, especially things such as anime and manga that have had a ton of time and effort put into them, they generally want to pick a good title that will represent the work as a whole, as well as attract an audience. So the title of a series can hold a wealth of information on what's going to happen, the significance.

The next episode will be coming out tomorrow at 11, so we'll get to see where Sana and her band of merry comrades will be heading on their journey. Have an idea of what will happen that you want to share, send it in!

Also, this is completely unrelated to the topic of the title, but I have a CONSPIRACY about ZOROKU. Think about how calm her is through this whole ordeal. He isn't hysterical, he isn't caught up in it, he's just kinda... there.

So I have two possible reasons for why this is. Three actually, because the first one is that's just who he is, but FORGET THAT THEORY, WE'RE GOING FOR EXTREMES HERE. So what if Zoroku is a Dream of Alice himself, or has already encountered people like that? That would be a pretty interesting plot twist, that he is capable of using powers too. My second theory is that Zoroku isn't actually from this anime. "But how is that even possible or logical? He's obviously a part of the anime, otherwise, he wouldn't be in i-" SHHHHHH. Just listen before you complain.

He's so out of place, there's little children with magical powers and he's lecturing them on social ethics and the like. He must have wandered in from some different anime universe. Headcanon, Zoroku is actually from the Keijo world.

(Also, spoiler, the sock goblins refuse to return the stolen goods. Perhaps Sana will summon a new pair of cat paw socks?)