Monday, April 17, 2017

Your Name Review - A Fleeting Phenomenon

After seeing Your Name in theaters, I have been absolutely blown away. I even cried in the theater because I was so moved by this work of art. Makoto Shinkai really is the next big producer for Japanese films, with She and Her Cat and 5 Centimeters per Second, he is capturing our hearts and stimulating our minds beyond what we thought was capable with a film. The artwork in Your Name was stunning, the color was so bright and eye catching, it had the perfect amount of contrast. The details for the background were so well done, each frame seemed to hold a painstakingly large amount of time and effort. The smooth flow of the animation, combined with the art made it so visually pleasing, there wasn't even the slightest bit of jarring imagery. I particularly like the imagery put into the town by the lake, as well as the sky. Even the slightest shift in color gave it a world of depth, all of the subtle details put into the film made it all the more incredible.

The plot was so utterly surprising it took me off guard. From the description of the film, it seems obvious that it may be something time-related like they're lovers in different times or something. It was a bit of a let down to read the description and feel like you already knew what was going on. But once I watched the film I was constantly surprised until I had almost no clue what I should even expect or prepare for. It was almost terrifying, going in to watch a movie and having to pretty much fly blind. The plot continued to grow, the story was something that kept everyone thinking, wondering, on the edge of their seats as they tried to figure out what could possibly happen next. I don't think I have ever been so engaged in a film or even an anime series. The last time I have ever felt so exhilaratingly lost was with 'Charlotte,' and even then it didn't continue to keep me traveling on a dark path until the very last moment. 

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The music was riveting. It set the mood perfectly, but what was even better was the perfectly timed moments of silence. The soundtrack of a movie is meant to intensify the experience, to set the mood perfectly so the viewer knows exactly what to feel. But silence and action can speak even louder than words, and this film executed this perfectly. The music was right where it needed to be, and there was space between the sound for us to focus solely on what is happening in front of our eyes, rather than what we hear. The voice actors that were picked for the various actors were also perfect. I went and saw the subtitled version of the film, so I don't know if they English voice actors they picked were any good. I have a feeling they're at the very least decent, there's no way they would ruin such an amazing film with poorly picked voices. But the Japanese voice actors fit the character so perfectly. There was no awkward sound or pauses, it was if they had really melded into the character, and knew how to voice it perfectly. They also sounded the right age, and it's a pretty common issue for the voice actors to not really sound the age that their character is.

What really makes Your Name stand out, besides the fact that it is high quality with a mindblowing story, is the depth. There are so many movies and anime series that have fairly shallow plotlines, they don't really go beyond something to entertain the audience. But Your Name touches on human nature, the unceasing flow of time, and the struggle of coming into oneself. There are so many underlying themes here it would take an indefinite amount of time to list all of them, and the significance they hold in our own lives. It is a romance, that's clear, but it is also a tender tragedy, with forgotten memories that they will never be able to recover, despite them being reunited. 

I was so moved by Your Name, and the second it goes out on DVD I will immediately snap it up because it's a film that I know I could watch a million times and never stop feeling as though it's impacting my life. I think I will go and see the dubbed version if I can get the time to do so, and if anyone is interested in going, please let me know, and I would be happy to accompany you. Your Name was gorgeous, heart-wrenching, and phenomenal. It is the sort of event and masterpiece that comes about rarely, almost like a shooting star or a comet, flying through our lives quickly, but leaving memories and an impression that will remain with us for the rest of our brief lifetimes.