Monday, April 3, 2017

Why I think Hisoka is Super Creepy

I'm a big fan of HunterxHunter, but I really don't like Hisoka. To start with, he's a total creep. I mean, look at him. He's into the whole clown cosplay thing, and he wears these super awkward muscle shirts. He's also a pedophile. Hisoka is fascinated with Gon, and when they're fighting, he says that he's getting turned on. Gon is twelve. GON IS TWELVE!!! And yet here's Hisoka, saying that fighting this little kid is really getting him going. What a guy, wow. And then he's talking to Kurapika, saying how fighting with the boss of the Phantom Troupe would also turn him on. The repeating pattern I'm seeing here is males and fighting, so I think it's safe to assume he's homosexual, as well as a pedophilic masochist. Generally, people don't get sexually excited when they're beating up twelve-year-old boys with rocks, so I think I have logic on my side for this one. Also, he gave his Nen abilities super sexual names, like Bungee Love, and something else that sounds equally disturbing. And when he describes it, he says it in the most breathy voice ever in the dub, and it makes me so incredibly uncomfortable. AND THEN. There's all the footage of him naked. It's like the producers want us to like this weirdo. The number of times he shows up naked in the newer version of the anime, at least what I've seen so far, is outrageous. Where are my shower scenes of Kurapika and Killua? HUH?! WHY IS IT ONLY OF HISOKA?! And from what I've heard from other fans, it only gets worse as time goes on. There are more shots of nude Hisoka, and he only gets creepier. Why won't he leave Gon alone, he's such a little cinnamon bun, he doesn't deserve Creepy Hisoka harassing him. So there, I think Hisoka is pretty creepy. If you like him, good for you, I support people liking their own characters and having individual tastes. If you also think Hisoka is a creep, good for you too. All I'm saying is this is what I think, no sweat bro.