Sunday, April 2, 2017

Saga of Tanya the Evil Season Finale Highlights

WE'RE BEING TORN APART BY ALL OF THESE SEASON FINALES!!! Saga on Tanya the Evil has been one the Society Favorites since it first premiered, but we've been so wrapped up in enjoying the series and our other articles that we never really got a chance to talk about it. But with the Finale upon us, there isn't a better time to go over some of the stuff that caught our eye in the last episode, as well as the few before that I believe. 

The opening for the series is a very good, but there's a lot of different scenes, as well as multiple visuals as once, making is difficult to catch everything. One of the things that I did notice was that they showed this guy, the only enemy who really made multiple appearances and fought against Tanya more than once. Several relevant characters show up the opening, but he caught my eye, as it served as a sort of foreshadowing. 

Only relevant characters get any screentime in opening sequences, unless they're in a crowd and not made to be distinguishable. So he will obviously be an important person in the development of the series, as well as Tanya's character. By the end of the series, he doesn't actually have that much of an impact. Sure, he comes back and roughs Tanya up a bit, but in the end, he doesn't make much of a lasting impression on the series, or so we think. 

But then we see that it's not exactly him as a person, but what he represents. We see that Being, the one who claims to be God and has tampered with Tanya's life, has directly intervened yet again. He has bestowed power to the man who has made killing Tanya his goal. The man has actual faith in Being X and almost succeeds in getting Tanya. One of the main ideas behind the series is that Being X wants to put Tanya into a situation where she will find faith. 

Of course, Tanya will do what she has to do to survive, including praying to a god she doesn't believe in, but in the end, she doesn't have an ounce of faith. So Being X gets involved and is trying to push her, using people who have faith in him. While the man himself isn't relevant as a person, it's the fact the Being X used him, and will likely use people in the future against Tanya, giving them the same divine powers she has received. 

This girl, if memory recalls correctly, is the man's daughter in America. She wishes to join the army, and with God's Grace avenge her father. Her eyes glow yellow, which is something that happens to Tanya whenever she prays in order to use her power. This indicates that Being X has given power to someone again, and will be working to put Tanya into even tougher positions to try to break her. 

Out of all of the unfaithful people in the world, Being X chose Tanya. While it might just seem like a coincidence, and he just picked one of the random unfaithful in the universe, it's not. Throughout the whole series, Tanya has been put through hell and back. We see some of the people around her suffer breakdowns, die, or be broken beyond repair. They're in the midst of a war, what can accurately be described as hell on earth. War destroys people.

But Tanya doesn't falter. She gets frustrated, but only because her plans didn't go the way she expected, or Being X has tampered with her efforts to live a comfortable life yet again. Her mindset, ethics, and way of life weren't changed in the face of all the crap she was forced to endure. And above all, she refuses to believe that a being such as God exists in the world. 

It's because she refuses to believe that Being X chose her. Her unique circumstances and mindset make her unyielding, any other person would have cracked under pressure and turned to the divine and unknown for consolation. Tanya firmly believes in the process and her own abilities, which is why Being X wants to break her, she may be the only person who can resist him so effectively. She even denounces him openly to her troops. 

On a similar note, what Tanya is saying about how there is no place for God on a battlefield is pretty accurate in a real world situation. When you're in the middle of slaughter and horror, eventually you give up on any higher power. You learn that all you have is your own abilities, anything else is irrelevant when it's a battle for survival. All a soldier has is his own hands, and whatever choice he makes will have to be up to him. 

Tanya is admirable in the way she so blatantly trashes God. What she says is basically heresy, but she doesn't give a crap. She has accepted that the war will continue, so she'll forge on in her battle until she reaches her goal of a comfortable life away from harm. She'll tear down anyone who stands in the way of that, even if it's an omnipotent being who could potentially influence the entire world. 

A quick question, who thinks Being X might actually be God? Is there even a God in the first place? And how powerful is he? Maybe God isn't the all powerful figure that we assume he is. If he was truly powerful, then he could have used his divine powers to make Tanya believe in him. Instead, he's doing what he can to influence her surroundings, trying to back her into a corner. Pretty controversial, so I won't get too deep...

One of the things that make Tanya the Saga of Evil so unique is Tanya herself. Besides her whole backstory and relation to the plot, it's her personality and role. Unlike traditional characters, she serves the role of an antagonist, which is practically unheard of in most modern day media, not just anime. The general main character, or group of characters, are working towards a just cause, or are people who we can relate to and have most of their actions justified. 

The difference with Tanya is she is a genuinely bad person. There is no sugar-coating, or justifying what she has done. She isn't portrayed in a way that makes her seem like she is in the right, Tanya is presented as an evil person with only her own interests in mind. She's cruel, cold, merciless, with a warped personality, unlike anything we have ever seen before. 

They have set it up perfectly for another season, if they don't take advantage of its popularity and the beautiful execution, they would be insane. They have the girl Mary, who has received some of Being X's power, they have the battle still raging, and Tanya is still alive and kicking, as heretic as ever. Things are in the perfect place, and pretty much any anime fan who has watched the series would kill for more. There's questions left unanswered, things left loose. They have ended it beautifully and perfectly, it's an equation for the perfect set up. It's a shame that they didn't open up the first episode as perfectly as they ended the last episode, but everything else was flawless. Cheers to Tanya, we look forard to seeing more of her saga.