Monday, April 3, 2017

My Hero Academia Season 2 Highlights

Not only did we get Season Two of Attack on Titan on Saturday, we also received the anticipated new season of My Hero Academia! After gaining an enormous amount of popularity, as well as making it onto the list of Anime of the Year (as well as winning tons of awards and love), everyone eagerly awaited the new season. At long last, out underdog hero Deku is coming back, inspiring our hearts and helping us believe in ourselves. 

WHO IS THAT MAN?! IT'S KATSUKI BAKA-GOU. Whoops, I meant Bakugou. I love how autocorrect wanted to chance his name to Bakugan. He's the most ill-tempered, horrible character, and he seems more like a villain at times, but he brings flavor to the series, and without him, Daku would have never had room to grow. Also, he reminds me of Megumin. EXPLOSION!

AND THERE BE DEKU! The underdog, the quirkless hero, the one who changed the way we look at classic rising from the bottom series. When his dream was proven to be unobtainable, he still forged on, finally within reach of his dream, but a long road still ahead of him.

THERE'S MY BOI TODOROKI. If you have read the manga for the series, I'm sure you're eager to see the little bean get some screentime. If not, I'm sure you'll love him just as much as the rest of us. 

The new season had a recap episode, but thankfully they also had an actual episode along with it. While the new episode didn't have a ton of action, I think if opened up into Season Two very nicely, resolving conflicts from Season One, bringing up issues that will be addressed later in the series, as well as setting things up for the UA Sports Festival to take place. It serves as the perfect platform to kick off the season.

And there are all of our beautiful girls! The entire ending credits/song is all dedicated to the ladies, which is pretty cool. If you look in the left-hand bottom corner, you'll see the gloves of our invisible girl Hagakure. As always, the visuals and music are great, and viewers are pumped up for Season Two!