Saturday, April 15, 2017

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Finale Highlights

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid has come to an end, but it will forever leave a deep impression on us. In this final episode, we see Tohru and Kobayashi strengthen the bond between them. Tohru's father takes her away, leaving Kobayashi a complete mess without her. When she sneaks back, Kobayashi rises to her defense. After a heartwarming declaration from Kobayashi, Tohru's father finally leaves her be, and here we see the couple having a touching reunion and hug. 

After the ordeal of meeting Tohru's father, the Emporer of Demise, Kobayashi decided that she wanted to go home and visit her family. By deciding to bring Tohru and Kanna along, she's basically bringing her new family to meet the old one. It's kinda of like going home, but with a spouse and a child. It's a silent nod ackowledging that they are in fact a family, Tohru and Kanna aren;t just people in her house, they'rw an essential part of her life.

While they have been in the human world for a decent amount of time, they haven't really left the area that Miss Kobayashi lives in. So experiencing things like traveling, trains, scenery, it's all a new and foreign experience for the dragons. They're being introduced to this new world alongside Miss Kobayashi, and it's so cute to see how excited they're getting over it. 

Kanna is obviously smaller than Kobayashi and Tohru, she is just a child after all. But when seeing all three of them sitting down, her feet don't even touch the ground, howing just how small and reliant she is on them. For Tohru and Kobayashi, having Kanna with them is pretty similar to raising a child, and they all treat each other like a family. They're all pretty codependent. 

Look at how cute Kanna is, she's sharing her snacks and hand feeding them to Koboyashi and Tohru. They've fully achieved the family dynamic, a couple with a cute child who likes to dote on them now and then. They're all grown closer as a unit, and while this may due to them living together, I think the experience of being apart has made all three of them realize how much they rely on and love each other. 

Probably the hardest thing about Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid ending, besides knowing we won't get another season, is that we know what will eventally happen. They don't have to air it or explicitly tell us in detail, but we know enough to make the assumption, that eventually Kobayashi will die. Tohru will live for hundreds of more years, but Kobayashi only has maybe 60-70 years left. Our cute little dragon family will come apart, and there's no knowing what will happen to Tohru

But despite knowing that Kobayashi will leave the dragons one day, we can't help but love them even more and cherish the series. Would we have preferred to never watch the series, to have never met any of these beloved characters? I know I am so grateful that I was able to encounter this series, and although it's bitter sweet knowing of the inevitable thing to come, I don't regret a single moment of this series. 

Tohru is so strong, she knows what is going to happen, and has decided to enjoy the few fleeting moments se has with Miss Kobayasi. Tohru has been living for such a long time, and no doubt she has experienced loss multiple times. She had a rough childhood, and she knows that sometimes pain and suffering will come in time. But she has grown as a dragon, deciding that even if her perception of time is different, she will cherish every moment. Such a sweet and touching series, and a major highlight for the Winter anime season. If you're looking for more of this series and our precious dragon girls, make sure to check out/buy the manga.