Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid Episode 11/12 Highlights

With Episode 13 right around the corner, we're working on catching up and enjoying as many moments of our favorite dragon maids as we can before the finale comes around 
The animators put such detail into Tohru's eyes throughout the whole series, so it's always a little bit funny when they have her with the white, blank stare. Especially in her dragon form, when she normally looks so fearsome, then she just looks like this big old lump tootling around without a care in the world, besides her Kobayashi. Also, if you look closely, you'll see her not only carrying around a little knapsack in her mouth, but she has the scarf Kobayashi gave her still wrapped around her horn.

Pre-Kobayashi Tohru is so pretty! Without her twin-tails, which give her a more youthful look, she looks so much more wild and unrestricted, and much more mature. She also isn't wearing any clothes besides her cloak, which was teased a bit as fanservice. She just looks so mysterious. She looks like a desert traveler, seeking a lost treasure amidst the golden dunes. 

Drunk Kobayashi and Tohru are my faves. Normally Miss Kobayashi is a reserved person, more of an introvert than anything. But when she's drunk, she so much more open about what she's thinking and feeling. And unlike most intoxicated characters, it's not just a bunch of random nonsense, it all loops into the plot, and it's deep thoughts or feelings that add flavor to her character. Drunk Kobayashi is basically a window into who she is as a person. 

Tohru is just like how Kanna was when we first met her, alone in an unfamiliar world, unsure and scared, with no one to turn to and nowhere to go. That's why when Kobayashi offered for Tohru to stay in her home, she almost started crying and was so moved. She was so used to fending for herself and drifting through the world with no one to care about her, Tohru is unfamiliar to anyone reaching out.

Fafnir knew it was raining and Makoto didn't have an umbrella, so he put out a towel to dry off with. Look at how nice Fafnir is being, in his own awkward way. He's a pretty anti-social guy, er, dragon, but deep down he really wants to reach out and make a connection. All of the other dragons we've met in the series so far used to live a life of solitude, and Fafnir himself states that he always kept his distance and didn't like humans. 

He said that they were either a hit or a miss, and then states that Makoto is a hit. As the first human Fafnir has ever accepted and bonded with over something, he wants to look out for the wellbeing of his companion. It's very interesting to see how the characters evolve over time, adjusting to their new life, friends, and environment. 

Speaking of adjusting, Elma has really started to settle down into the human world. She was so against the idea of dragons integrating into the human world, but now she has settled in nicely and found herself comfortable there. Elma is definitely another character that has shown great development, unique traits, and came into the series very neatly.