Friday, April 7, 2017

Interviews with Monster Girls Finale Highlights

The finales for Interviews with Monster Girls has come, and we sit back to enjoy one final episode of our Demi-chan girls, who we will love and miss very dearly. 

Takahashi tries so hard to do what he can to help the girls, but sometimes he gets so wrapped up in his head that he forgets that they have been living with their Demi-human nature for their entire lives, so at certain points, he's just preaching to the choir. I'll talk a bit more about it later, but here we see Hikari acting so casual about her vampire nature, and just treating it as a normal part of herself, which it essentially is. 

Hikari loves being right about things, she even gets a smug face whenever she knows she can get away with something or can prove someone wrong. She also gets a similar face whenever she meddles with other people's business or stuff, usually when they didn't want her to. Out of all of the new Winter 2016-17 anime that have come out, Hikari is the best representation of Chaotic Good. 

As seen with some of the other Demi-chan's, they are somewhat uncomfortable about their nature, as well as the lore that goes with it, they had to learn to accept themselves. But Hikari has never been seen feeling uncomfortable about her nature at all, in fact, she embraces it as an aspect of herself very openly. She almost flaunts it in a way, like when she borrows Takahashi-Sensei's lab coat to turn it into a makeshift vampire coat, similar to the one associated with Dracula and vampires.  
Hikari loves being a Demi-chan and loves being herself. She doesn't let the stigma of being a Demi-human bother her. When Takahashi mentioned that he had a dream where a vampire attacked him, she didn't take it negatively at all, she just accepted it and moved on with being her happy and bubbly self. 

Whenever Sakie has issues with her romance life, or perhaps any issues in general, she always calls Ugaki. There'll be an article someday on the father-daughter relationship + growing up, but for now, just appreciate the fact that they were able to build such a pure bond. Especially since Sakie is a succubus, and most men would fall prey to her unintentional aphrodisiac charm. Despite this, Ugaki treats her just like he would his child, which is sweet and shows how he cares for her like family. 

Sakie is trying so hard to catch Takahashi-sensei's attention, thinking that he doesn't even notice her at all. While Takahashi is still attracted to Sakie and hides it most of the time, he actually isn't as sexually aware of her as it might seem. While he noticed her, he still values her as a person and is still aware of himself and what's going on when he's around her. 

In order to prevent any more high schoolers from falling out of trees, we won't put any pictures of Sakie in a swimsuit up on the site. But if you want to look, hop on over to Crunchyroll and check out the finale. Satake, despite being a side character, gets a decent amount of character development, has specific and interesting traits, and is somewhat relatable in the fact he's just an everyday adolescent boy, plus he adds comedic relief. 

Look at how cute Hikari is in her swim suit, and without her normal hair style either. She's so sweet and happy, and she even has a little rainbow over her. The background art for the water is very well done, the artists and animators were able to capture the reflection of light on the water very well, which is usually something that's sloppily done. 

And there's Takahashi-Sensei, waiting by the school gates for her. Hikari is so short compared to him, she has a long way to go to grow up to his height. Imagine Hikari growing up and being a biology teacher either in Takahashi's place, or alongside him, and they would be good friends like Sakie and Ugaki. Imagine a scene where she's standing here, just like this, but she's all grown up.

I love how they had a little mini montage with some flashbacks from earlier in the series. And they showed my all time favorite scene when Kurtz comes flying out of the window when he hears people talking smack about Sakie. 

Hikari always makes the cutest poses, and look at the vampire keychain she keeps on her bag. I wonder if it was originally a gift from her sister Himari since they have similar ones. Hikari is saying that vampires today are happier due to the fact that they can be happy/sad with others, but what she's trying to say is that because vampires aren't cast aside by society, and they're able to build connections with others, they have more fulfilling and happy lives based on the relationships they build.

In other words, Sensei is saying that he wants to make more memories, spend more time with, and grow with them. 'I need more time and want to build more memories with the people who have come into my life.'

And with that, they wrap things up neatly. The end of Interviews With Monster Girls has come, and we all hope for more interviews with these lovable Demi-chans. 

The animations, colors, and art for the entire series are so beautiful, especially the end credits with all the girls reading. As sad as it is to admit it, they have wrapped up the series too well to expect for another season, the conclusion is too final. 

Look at how pretty and sweet these little Demi-chan's are. I sincerely hope that there will be another season, and I look forward to reading the manga as well.