Saturday, April 22, 2017

Classicaloid Highlights - Binge Watch & The Many faces of Beethes

While we may be a little late for hopping on the Classicaloid bandwagon, we figured we'll get in on this anyway. Here's an existential-over-gyoza-Beethoven to express how sad we are that we weren't here when it was super popular. 

Oh hey, look, it's me, the internet addicted introvert. Chopin is such a relatable character for the majority of people, as the anime market in the US is aimed more towards the teen/young adult market, and our generation is basically dependent on the internet. Also the majority of us a super socially awkward. That's why we use anime to fill the social void in our lives! Of course, that's not everyone, but hey, maybe it is, who knows?

There's some animation in this series that is on point and perfect, and good job for all of the graceful and perfectly timed stuff. But also, thank you for things like this. Sometimes an awkwardly posed Beethoven with giant eyes is all we need to make our day. He looks like the characters in Poptropica, with the oddly proportioned faces and stiff joints. Kanae in the corner looking like she barely made it off of the sketchbook just makes it even better. 

Beethes power is literally summoning penguins to slap the crap out of people, and that is so cool. An ARMY of PENGUINS. The penguins have this really smug facial expression, very stoic and full of themselves as they stand atop the fallen corpses of their slain enemies. 

Do I even need to explain why I thought this scene was incredible and Schubert had the best face?

Yes, I could like to invite you to my gallery with the many faces of anime Beethoven. He is my gyoza son and we need to protect him. PROTECT THE GYOZA! GYOZA IS FIREPOWER!

"Yes. We ClassicaLoids vomit this pink colored soup when we're hurt emotionally." - Beethes 2017. His pride was crushed when Kanae rejected him (even though he wasn't even confessing), yet he still had the willpower to keep up the act just so Kanae wouldn't yell at them for making a mess. That's some damn dedication right there. 
Even when his interests evolve past gyoza, Beethes still has his trusty flamethrower and is ready to throw down, so to speak. Japanese high schools are so cool, why don't we get anyone with flamethrowers coming to our school? I'd like to see some burnt gyoza action over here. Beep beep, here comes the pyro train. 

All the ClassicaLoids are being social in their own way, even the antisocial Chopin. He has attracted all of the introverts and school, creating a tiny army. They even built a big box fort, which is pretty cool, since generally there aren't a lot of perfectly usable boxes just laying around. Or maybe Chopin used his Musik to summon boxes? That seems to be his thing, so probably.

It's a little anti-social NEET army. Chopin is always portrayed as somewhat distant from the other characters, mainly because he doesn't want to get super close to them. So, seeing him make his own little nitch is cool, he's reaching out and bonding with other people with his same viewpoint on life. Where did they get so many orange boxes though? 

This particular section got really dark really fast. Schubert was actually going to step off the tower and kill himself before the kite took him away. This series is a gag anime in a sense, it's meant to be funny and whatnot. So throwing that in, even though it was resolved and didn't happen, was pretty unexpected. It did add dramatic effect, building up to his personal change. 

And... he changed into a wanna be rapper. It seems that rap is a particularly American thing to do, as it was when he was transported to America that he developed this new side to himself. Compared to Japan and other countries, the US is more diverse in modern music. I have more to say on this soon, but Schubert really went through an awesome character evolution, and it was well executed over a good amount of time. 

The whole avocado thing is a little random. Kanae's dad said it was meant to represent him doing what he wants and self-indulging, but honestly, there isn't any real significant meaning behind the avocado itself. The creators probably just picked out a random snack, and thought, sure, let's just make this classical musician into an avocado rap master. 

Hasshie is a DJ. In several of the Musik incidents, Hasshie has been included in whatever they're doing. Like in Tchaiko's episode when she trapped everyone in the mansion, she had giant Hasshies swooping in and snatching people away. He was also transformed into a sort of vehicle for Kanae in the end. Multi-purpose Hasshie, use for all of your life threatening excursion needs. 

Apparently, Schubert can dish out sick burns now. He went from being a suck up to Beethes with basically no importance/presence, do having his own niche. One of the cool things about ClassicaLoid is that they have their own spin on classical music, having the original, but incorporating modern aspects and lyrics to it. They did that with Schubert, having the original tunes, but a distinct flavor that separates him from the rest. 

Beethes has the best facial expressions out of every character in the series, and I will fight to prove it. 

I mean, look at this dork, he's literally smashed against the floor to protect his coffee beans whenever he hears a loud noise.  

And now he's hammering his face into the counter just because he didn't put exactly 60 beans in his cup of coffee. Beethes is the best, and I love him. He has constant mood swings, gets obsessed over dumb little things, is borderline psychopathic, and is like a spoiled kid who will do anything to get their way. 

Beethes has what I consider the best voice actor for the series, it's just really deep and can easily swing between being serious, lighthearted, and humorous. Actually, the voice itself is always either steady or passionate, but because it doesn't hold a lot of variation it's easier to portray the characters feelings. Also, Beethes is the best screamer and it cracks me up every time because it always sounds like he's going through an existential crisis. 

I would like to call this art piece 'Coffee Ecstacy.' It depicts a grown man with odd hobbies sitting in a child's park drinking the perfect cup of coffee. The fact that he fought little kids for the seat, and was brutally defeated, is incredible. Being beaten by a bunch of elementary schoolers and laying there limply takes a huge amount of dedication.

Tchaiko is just in shock, but Bada is ready to throw down. Look at that face, how dare someone to diss the sun goddess herself? They should be laying themselves at her feet worshipping her! I'll never get tired of that, to be honest, Sun-Bada mind-controlling everyone is hilarious to me. 

What is this somewhat romantic scene here? A field of flowers, soothing music, a pink backdrop, and a handsome (?) man serving you a cup of coffee, offering you a short break from your hard work. The robots were designed to follow orders, but it was just bewitched by Beethes aura.  

Beethes robot double is in ecstasy from the coffee. When they were made, they were created to be perfect copies of the others, except more obedient. The ClassicaLoids are so spontaneous and eccentric that it's literally impossible to even try to copy them

He literally just danced his double to death, and he doesn't even realize it... Oh yeah, you're spewing out smoke and twitching uncontrollably, are you okay there buddy? Yeah? No? Whoops, my bad, sorry. 

Okay, so, the series os far has been pretty good, and then out of nowhere... Aliens. It was just so out of the blue I didn't even know how to respond. It's such a weird fit for the series, and even though it's a comedy, it seems like they ran out of ideas and just randomly threw things in. I think they could've had a better ending for Season 1, something that was worth all of the build-up. 

I have literally never heard anyone besides one person say Crapola so this is pretty nifty. 

Bach always looked like a weird version of Elvis Presley to me. With the awkward white pants, and this... pose... I don't even want to explain what he's doing. But I feel if they started playing the Hound Dog song by Presley and Back did this pose, it would be highly appropriate and I would literally die.

Alien fanboys and fangirls coming to earth just so they can go see a concert. Not what I was expecting to see here, but hey, I'll roll with the punches. It's nice to see that they have glowsticks in space, gotta light up the atmosphere somehow. 

And we're back at square one. It started going in a direction of everyone was going to leave the mansion and go on some sort of journey or whatever, the whole going separate paths thing. While that would have been a good ending, it would have been pretty unsatisfying for this anime. It's a comedy, we want some relief after all of the serious events so far. So we're back to where we started, everyone a mess, and the perfect setting for Season 2. 

ALSO, I HAVE THIS LOVELY SCENE HERE. Bach was portrayed as this foreboding, Godfather type person, with tons of power and was pretty unapproachable and unrelatable as an audience. Towards the end, it was easier to connect with him, but the prior aloofness made it a little difficult. So we've always seen him as this serious, classy guy. 

BUT IN REALITY, HE'S JUST A NERD. Look at that guy, he sat in wet paint and didn't even notice. Can't he smell it? And then he literally ripped the back of his pants off and was walking around like that until he hid inside a gyoza costume. Bach is actually a total dork, he doesn't have an ounce of maturity in him, he's just another ClassicaLoid meme running around confused as hell, but going along anyway. 
I'm legit really excited for Season Two. I think after a brief break they'll come up with more ideas, and this series has the potential for great heights. At the end, it seemed like they ran out of ideas a bit, but hey, I think there's still a lot they can do. Looking forward to more! (Also holy heck the art is so pretty)