Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Bungo Stray Dogs Manga Highlights

The awkward face Dazai makes when he realizes that it's Mori on the phone... That just made my day. He even cringed. It's not much of a surprise that Dazai is a little freaked out, even repulsed by Mori, considering the guy keep insisting he returns to the Port Mafia and killed the former Mafia boss right in front of him. Mori was also the one who had raised Dazai when he had first joined the Mafia, he raised him to be the person he was. Dazai most likely doesn't like the feeling fo remembering the sort of person he was, who Mari had made him into before Dazai finally escaped and joined the Armed Detective Agency. 

WHY IS FITZGERALD DOING THE SALT MEME- This fanart on the translation pages is just too much for me, Fitzgerald just looks too memey. Considering he's playing the role of the antagonist for a good portion of the series, he's actually not that bad of a guy. Series like these are so difficult because it's hard to hate anyone. It's like Haikyu!!, you just can't bring yourself to dislike the enemy, you love all of your anime sons. Fitzgerald, despite going to extreme measures, as well as being an ass at times, isn't doing it for no reason. He's doing it to save his wife and his daughter, and while that may be selfish to a certain extent, it's not like he's doing it just to cause chaos. He also genuinely cares about all the members of The Guild and wants to protect them. 

They portray Edgar Allan Poe as this depressed emo guy, and honestly isn't that who he really was inside? He was just an angsty teen who wrote dark but surprisingly good poetry and stories. He's such a sweetheart in the manga though, he's so timid and antisocial, and basically the most relatable character ever. He's trying so hard to make friends and impress Ranpo, and he even has his own little pet raccoon. Even though the raccoon doesn't like him, he still is nice. Get yourself a guy who will still love animals even when they bite him viciously. 

In contrast to Poe, Edogawa Ranpo is kinda a jerk at times. He's self-centered and egotistical, and he uses his talent to sway people and is lofty. But considering he's naturally gifted with his talent, and it isn't an ability, he deserves to be prideful. It's interesting that they portrayed the characters the way they did, with Poe looking up to and wanting the approval of Ranpo when in reality it's the opposite. 
Ranpo actually was inspired by Edger Allan Poe, and his name (which is his writer's alias) is actually based off of Poe's name. Edogawa Ranpo is what Edgar Allan Poe sounds like when someone with an Asian accent is saying it, and that is where Ranpo got his alias. Ranpo looked up to Poe, as well as other Western mystery writers, and that was one of the things that encouraged him to start his career as a writer.