Sunday, April 23, 2017

Bladedance of Elementalers Opinion: Kinda Blows (Oh hey I might be a feminist)

This is a bit of an older series, first aired in around 2014 I believed, so it's an older anime, explaining some of it's... shortcomings. I've had it on my queue for a while, and after three episodes I stopped because it just didn't excite me enough compared to other things I wanted to watch. But now I'm finally getting around to finishing it up, and I can see why I abandoned this deadweight all those years ago. Click that read more button to find out why I feel it blows strongly... pardon the joke.

It's pretty much fanservice in it's most cliche form. It's all showing skin and having over-sexualized female characters in a harem around the main male character. I don't mind fanservice from time to time, I mean, I was all over Keijo. But it has to have a plot and relevance, something that makes it more than the dream of some guy who has weird fetishes. Bladedance doesn't really have any plot in the beginning, and although I haven't finished watching it (I'm still struggling to make it through episode 5, kill me), I looked at the Wikipedia.

Someone must really love this series because the Wiki for it is very well written and they obviously put A LOT of time into it. Anyway, I looked at the plot, and it actually looks really interesting. Well, not really, but it looks like a decent story that I might actually like. But the thing is, I haven't seen any of that in the first half of the series. All I see is fanservice, backstories that are a bit of a stretch, and skin. I've seen more skin in this series than in the locker-room at certain points, and it's too much. They're stressing it too much, and making the series revolve around it. The plot is moving too slowly, and my guess is that they're going to info dump and have a bunch of stuff happening in the last 4-5 episodes, making it just this massive shitstorm of information that they should've spread out over the course of all 12 episodes.

Now. Inner feminist rise. The girls are throwing themselves at Kamito the male lead, and then falling into really typical character roles: The tsundere, the little sister, the rich snob, the responsible one, the yandere(?), and the graceful maiden. These are all typical character types, and they're used all the time, which isn't that bad. But the characters are so boxed in, they don' have any variation in their traits, which makes them seem less like people and more like sexual objects, they have no character growth or depth. All the characters are just so cliche I can't get over it. The former sword, Restia was it? She's basically just some dark, fallen angel, and seems like a crappy OC that I would see sent for me to review on Quotev. Est, the new sword, is basically the little sister type with no shame or sense of wrong, she literally randomly is naked for Kamito every morning. And then, of course, he's a nice guy who won't do anything, but he also doesn't freak out. Newsflash, normal teenage boys would not react like that. They wouldn't be so suave and chivalrous. I don't care what his backstory is, hormones can't be repressed. If the Party in 1984 couldn't do it, neither can this guy.

The animation isn't really notable. It's not bad, but it isn't good, it's just standard. The music is a little bit too dramatic, they're just trying so hard to have a dramatic romantic sensation, it just makes it seem stupid. The character interactions are all just ridiculous, and I'm not very impressed. It was a disappointment, I actually had some hope for it. If they had the plot overarching it would have been better. But they have the first half occupied with little tidbits that don't make sense until the end, and... it's not even fanservice, it's just somewhat sexual content. All of the people who have watched it, or even just watched episode one, have all said that they felt uncomfortable with the amount 'fanservice,' showing that it isn't actually servicing the fans, it was more the creator's fantasy.

If you're into awkward sexual themes and a poorly written plot, then this is for you. I'm sure if you go in with patience and the right mindset it might be watchable. And if you were watching it in 2014, it was probably good. But in this day and age, with so much good content to watch and people working harder to create things that people will enjoy, it's kinda bleh. When there wasn't as much competition it could've made it, but now it's just taking time away from something better that I could be watching. (Also, I finished watching it all. I still believe it blows.)

I know I try to only put positive reviews on on the site because I want to encourage the anime industry. But let's face it, I'm a really negative and impatient person, and I love to complain about things. Say goodbye to the optimistic Anime Society. Hello brutal honesty.