Monday, March 13, 2017

RIP Caesar A. Zeppelli

On Saturday evening, when Toonami was airing the newest dubbed episode of Jojo's Bizarre Adventures, viewers were shocked. Viewers were horrified. I personally could not believe m eyes, I had to replay the episode countless times, as I felt my very SOUL get SHREDDED INTO TINY LITTLE PIECES. I was blown away, how could such a thing be possible? Not Caesar, no. It couldn't be.

Caesar Zeppeli was suave, he was headstrong, he was hot blooded. He fought to defend his families honor, and he had a hard time letting people in. But he was able to open up and form a strong bond with Jojo. He was a hard worker, focused, and took great pride in his family name. Caesar was short tempered, but he was skilled and a devoted friend.

And yet, this honorable man's legacy has ended. On Sunday evening, Toonami aired the death of the heroic Caesar A. Zeppeli, the man we all had come to love. Caesar, one of the most wonderful men to have graced the animated world, has passed on, tragically, beautifully.

He bravely sacrificed his life in order to gain revenge for the death of his father, who he held in high esteem. After his father abandoned Caesar and his siblings when they were young, Caesar held a deep rage towards him, and turned to a life of crime. Several years later, he encountered his father on the street, following him into a secret passage where the Pillarmen resided. After activating a trap, his father saved hi , sacrificing his life for his sons, although he didn't recognize him. Caesar was moved by his fathers work and purpose, and now holds great pride in his family and all that they have done.

Despite his skills and brilliant plan, Caesar was fatally wounded my Wamuu's Divine Sandstorm, and barely had the strength to move, let alone fight. Catching Wamuu by surprise, he tore away his lip ring, which contained the antidote to the poison wedding ring around Jojos heart. With the last of his energy, he transmitted his Hamon into making one last bubble, in which he put his headband and the ring, giving up his own life and what little strength he had to pass the torch o to his dear friend. He was brave until the last moment, and gave up his life in order to fight for what he believed in.

Without Caesar, now the JojoxCaesar ship will never sail. They made such a balanced and well functioning team, and they seemed so close. It even CONFIRMS in WIKIPEDIA that they have a true love relationship. Before they met each other, they were both pretty much pricks, Arrogant, confidant, but they never could push themselves to the limit. But when they came together, and tension formed, they both pushed themselves to do the best that they possibly could. They made each other better people, together they were a whole.

Caesar is one of the main reasons I kept watching the show. It was just so bizarre, and I wasn't sure if I really was interested enough to go out of my way to watch it. The Phantom Blood arc was good, but I kept going because of Caesar. He was a deep, complex character, and he resonated with me. Without him, I'm not even sure where the series will go. Will they just keep killing off all the characters that complete me? IS THIS JUST A NEVER ENDING PARADE OF SUFFERING?! *Struggling against my friends grasp as I reach for the bleach*I DON'T WANT TO LIVE IN A WORLD WITHOUT MY BOY. LET ME BE WITH CAESAR.

Rest in peace Caesar, you beautiful angel, you will be missed.