Wednesday, March 15, 2017


I have gotten a few questions regarding the way we run the site, and I figured I would just put them up for everyone to see since it's a frequent question.

Q: Why don't you swear?
A: Since this is a site affiliated with the school, we have to keep everything school appropriate. While if we swore we could probably get away with it, it's also just a matter of ethics. We also want this to be friendly for people of all ages, whether that's a young child, a teen, or your parents.

Q: What is the difference between recaps and highlights? 
A: Well, I'll be putting up a website guide soon that explains all the terms we use, but here's a quick run down.

Highlights; A highlight on a specific character or moment from an episode, or if specifically stated from the entire series.
Recap; Going over a whole episode and pointing out specific things that caught our interest, and providing commentary.
Binge Watch; Going and watching a bunch of episode sin a series at once, if not the entire series in one go.
RE:watch; This is a new term that will be coming up soon, but it pretty much means that we have went and watched a series or episode again, and are doing a bit on it.

If what I have here doesn't match what we've been doing this whole time, then that probably means that we put the wrong label on an article. We're still getting used to doing more for the website, so not everything will run completely perfectly. We're currently coordinating all of our authors, so things will make more sense soon, and things will be correctly labeled.

Q: Why is everything on the site moved around? Where is everything?
A: I've been getting this one a lot, and I'm so sorry that the site is constantly a mess. I know at some point the entire front page was covered in ads about Rutabaga, which was pretty much a nightmare. As the sole admin for web design, I have my hands full editing out any bugs, putting up the new content the writers provide, and constantly working to make sure everything is both up to date and easy for visitors to use. I want to make things visually pleasing, interactive, and brings out all of the spirit and hard work our members put into their work. The passion for anime really needs to stand out. So everything is being improved, moved, and old pages are taken down and renovated. If something is gone, chances are it's being worked on, and will be back. If it isn't, there will be a post saying that it's gone forever, or an archived post perhaps.

Q: What is Life With Cat?
A: I took off the author profile on the posts, but I still wanted a way for authors to distinguish their work. We want people to know who did what, so site authors are coming up with specific phrases or names to put under the tags, not on the article itself. My personal mark is 'Life with Cat,' as my screen name/nickname is Cat. I believe that the other authors haven't decided on what they want to put as their mark yet, but when they do there will be an update with what they are.

Q: Where is the members page?
A: I have taken down the members page because it was majorly out of date, it only had two of our members. I'm working on building up a new one that will feature the site writers as well as society staff. It's been hard because each member writes up a brief description about themselves, but everyone is busy. Some of our staff is in a different time zone, which can make communicating a little hard at times.

There were a few more questions, but I can't think of them off the top of m head, so I will answer them individually later on. Hopefully this helps clarify things, and we will work on fixing things to function better for everyone. Happy Wednesday!