Thursday, March 16, 2017

Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid - RE:watch Highlights

So as many of you saw through the Society Twitter feed, I have been super into Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid. I love the series so much, I love all the characters and the art and everything about it. I've taken tons of screenshots, but haven't gotten the time to write up a reaction piece for each episode. So last night, I watched all of the current episodes again, and decided to put it all together in a big RE:watch highlight with some of the interesting things I saw. Also, look at Tohru, she's so cute and loves Kobayashi so much and it makes me happy. 

First of all, just look at how cute Kanna is when she firsts comes to Kobayashi and Tohru. She is resentful towards Kobayashi still, but after a heartfelt talk between them she's able to let down her guard and revert to what she truly is: a little kid. While she may be a big and tough dragon, and somewhat mature for her age, she's still a little girl. 

Miss Kobayashi sees and understands this, and also seems to get that Kanna is a little girl in an unknown place. She doesn't know anyone, has nowhere to go, has a troubled past, and is terrified of what she's going to do next. The only one she can turn to, Tohru, is with a human that she thought was her enemy, and overall Kanna is just confused and scared. 

Also notice that while Miss Kobayashi is taking to Kanna about trust, and building relationships with other people the camera cut to these two mugs. These are the two cups that Kobayashi and Tohru use. She the proceeds to talk about becoming friends, and then "lovers." She's pretty much indirectly calling her and Tohru lovers, and while nothing is official, this is a nice piece of fanservice that's hidden in there for the excited viewers. 

Anyway, because Kobayashi is emphatic and able to reach out to help Kanna, they build a deep bond, similar to a mother and child. It's really sweet, because later on in the series it is revealed that Kanna doesn't have the greatest relationship with her parents, and she has been forced to become independent at a young age. 

Throughout the later episodes, we see Kanna take naps pretty often, which isn't that odd for a little girl. But notice that she moves around a lot, and doesn't always settle into the first place she picks. She seems to want to take a nap or lay close or on Tohru or Miss Kobayashi. And if they aren't there, she'll make herself comfortable in the spot that they would be in. It's because she loves them and misses them so much, she's grown a real attachment to them. 

This might make me a strange person, but crying Kanna is just really cute to me. Her cheeks puff up, she almost looks like she's pouting, and she just has the most vulnerable expression on her face, not something that you see very often in the series. Generally she has a very stoic expression. 

I don't have a reason for putting up another crying Kana picture, she's just so cute that I couldn't help myself. Kanna is so visually pleasing and aesthetic, every time I see her I just want to hug her until the end of time. Who doesn't love a pastel baby dragon cutie?

If you look at the picture, it almost looks like a little family, which is basically is. Miss Kobayashi comforting her little baby, and the tough yet sweet Tohru watching over them, ready to come in whenever she's needed. Kanna is just the cutest little baby, and I love her so much. 

On of my favorite moments between Tohru and Kanna is when they're out and about, and they rub noses. It's so cute... It's a dragon things that they do, how they show love and affection and care for each other. If you think about it, they have wings and somewhat small arms, so they can't exactly hug each other, making rubbing noses, or Eskimo kisses, the most effective way to make contact with each other. 

The opening and ending songs for the series are really good, I have actually added them to my playlist. The imagery that goes along with the music is so pretty, I especially liked the scene at the end where they have our dragon girls flying through the night sky in their pajamas. In their little chibi forms they just look so cute, and against that shade of blue they really pop out. 
How sweet is Tohru, she's letting Kobayashi and Kanna ride on her while they fish. They're enjoying leisurely couple activities together, and also having some deep and sentimental moments. This was where we really got to see them connect to something on a deeper level. Normally it's just fanservice and cuteness, it's a rare treat to have such heavy discussions. 

I wish I was able to get a picture, but while Kobayashi and Tohru were talking, Kana had picked up either a crab or a lobster and ate it whole. Despite her being a little baby dragon, it caught me off guard to see her just randomly grab a critter and eat it. Tohru still had her sweet voice despite being in her dragon form, but her face remained in this sort of blank gaze, which gave this sense of absurdity to the situation. 

Tohru was trying so hard to impress Miss Kobayashi, outdoing the previous fireworks with a display of her own. It was very visually pleasing and heartwarming to see our little dragon maid showing off for her (soon to be) girlfriend. Kanna also seemed excited and impressed, she most likely can't do something like that on her own, like she can't open a portal or put on detection prevention. 

And what would this anime be without Comiket, a place where otaku dreams go to fly and wallets go to die. We don't have a specific dojinshi convention here in America as far as I know, so it's interesting to see how they do things. Look at how many artists have gone there to sell their products!

What in the world could be attracting all of these people? Perhaps the prospect of waifus, dojinshi of their favorite ships, and special merchandise? Beyond that though, maybe what attracts a lot of people to bug otaku events is the subconscious desire to meet other people similar to us, make friends, and reassure ourselves that we aren't alone in our eccentric hobbies. 

I honestly felt a wave of panic when I saw how many people there were at Comiket. It's not even like this is an exaggeration, this is actually what it's like if you look it up. During Winter Comiket of 2016, they had an attendance of over 550.000. That's over half a million people packed into one convention hall, it's amazing. Imagine being swept up in a crowd that size, you could easily be crushed. But for the merch, it would be worth it...

Tohru looks so panicked and odd, I love her. And all of the animals in the background must be ones she would prey on, I suppose dragons really are at the top of the food chain. One of the Crunchyroll staff members made this joke but it looks like Tohru has joined the Kemono Friends cast. I can vividly imagine a cute little Tohru dragon prowling through the savanna. 

Whew, I think that this might have been the longest Highlight or Recap I've done so far, probably because I've squeezed a lot of commentary and pictures in here. I highly recommend watching this series, it's so good and sweet and pure. I might even go as far as saying it's my favorite series of 2017 so far, and I'm pretty picky and indecisive when it comes to both anime and favorites. Gah, I love Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid! Look forward to seeing a review for this heartwarmer of an anime soon, and definitely consider watching this series.