Friday, March 10, 2017

Masamue-kuns Revenge - Episode 10 Recap

And here we have a quick recap on some things that caught our eye or crossed our minds in the latest episode of Masamune-kuns Revenge!

Ah yes, your friend/senpai/goddess is changing things up and trying to live her own life they way she wants to? TIME TO PANIC! Some advice, don't do this to your friends, let them do their thing. Don't hold them to such high standards. 

You have to admit the speedy facial change is pretty entertaining in this particular anime. He goes from super clingy, borderline stalker wanna be boyfriend...

"Well, wait a minute, hold on... Now what do we have here??? Excuse me??? What???"

Sorry Yoshino, it's hard to take you very seriously as a advisory side character when your panties are always showing. Through the whole anime, despite Yoshino holding such a serious role, the audience has seen her panties more than any other character. Sure, there's been fanservice, but no panty-shots. 
Wait, since I screenshot it, does this technically I mean I took the panty-shot? Oh my god am I a creeper now?! Am I a ******
(The rest of this has been edited out by Admin Cat because no one wants to read Haru's existential crisis)