Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Magical Rutabaga have taken over the site

Hey hey hey,

so some of you may have noticed that everything on the site is looking weird and moving all over the place. That's just me trying to make things more aesthetically pleasing and symmetrical (and failing miserably). So sorry for everything being in weird places and the new formatting, but hey, there's some cool new stuff that we may or may not keep. For example, the Twitter feed that shows all the stuff on the Anime Society feed (although it's too small to see). And there's new font and link colors, WOW! So exciting, am I right? Yeah, anyway, no one cares about font colors. So basically things will be getting updated and tweaked over tonight and maybe tomorrow, and if things just randomly disappear or you see an add about rutabaga (which is on the site for some reason?) then don't worry, I'll (try) to fix things soon.

With love and tears of frustration, your amateur technical wizard Cat