Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Koro Sensei Quest!

A spin-off of the hit series Assassination Classroom, this spoof adds a dose of humor to the fandom. All of the infamous Class E heroes are featured, but this time in a fantasy setting with swords, magic, mystical creatures, and of course adventure around every dungeon corner. Each student has a special quirk, referred to as a bug. This bug can either aid or hinder them, and more often than not their bug isn't even relevant. For example, Karma has gained a bug where whenever he looks down or on thinks little of someone, his luck stats go plummeting down. Koro-sensei has been given the role of the legendary Big Bad, who grew bored with his incredible power and decided to teach a class of students on order to break up the monotony. With each of their puzzling bugs and determination, the Class E heroes in training have to band together in order to defeat the Big Bad and save the kingdom!

Each episode is fairly short, which makes it easy to sit down a binge watch it. The comical twist it puts on ech students personality and situation is pretty interesting, it brings a breath of fresh air to the series. While AC does have it's fair share of humor, it's a pretty deep and heavy plot, so Quest! is like the lighter, alternative version. It's interesting how its set in a fantasy AU, it almost sounds like it could be a fanfiction.

Image result for koro sensei questThe art is very similar to the original anime, although simplified, and of course all the characters are chibis now. If you keep an eye out through the series, you can spot references to other popular anime. Like how the original referenced Naruto, this series makes a connection to Dragon Ball, and a few other series. A nice light hearted comedy, and it's a great way to enjoy a good laugh while also getting quality entertainment. It's an ideal series to relax with because it's short enough where you can stop and watch it anywhere, you don't have to sit for 20 minutes to finish it. Great to watch on a Friday night after finishing your midterms!

Alternatively known as Koro Sensei Q!