Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Koro Sensei Quest! - Episode 12 Highlight

Koro Sensei Quest was a nice series, a good breathe of fresh air. The last episode, while the ending was a bit lackluster, overall it was pretty interesting. We got the final shots of our favorite chibi characters, and while I don't have a lot to say about it, there was one thing that caught my eye.

Kudos to everyone who knows what this is referring to, and if you don't know and are confused, allow me to explain.
Right here we see a super macho Teresaka (who went missing in earlier episodes and was replaced with a better version) coming to save his friends from the Big Bad's wrath. With his edgy cloak and long sword that looks more like a slab of metal than anything, he's a spitting image of Guts from Berserk. There have been tons of other vague hints littered throughout the series, such as DBZ, Naruto, I believe there was a Sailor Moon one, but this is probably my favorite one so far. Have a favorite reference in the spoof series? Leave a comment and let me know, and I may do a feature article on it.