Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Konosuba Season Two Finale Recap

Season two of one of the best comedy series on 2017 recently rolled to a close. Konosuba has introduced so many new concepts and characters, as well as top tier waifus. It's a shame to see season two coming to an end. And the creators, to honor their dedicated fans, gave the finale only the highest quality animation and graphics. 

Did I say high quality? I meant the usual crappy animation that we have come to know and love. I mean, look at all of these faces. Kazuma, you look like you've been traumatized. Honestly, the randomly horrible graphics make Konosuba even funnier than if it had the best animation in the world. What makes a joke even funnier? A blank faced, fish-eyed, awkwardly posed Kazuma in the background of course. 

Aqua throwing a tantrum and screaming is another highlight of the series. The useless goddess really brings a breath of fresh air in, and her banter with Kazuma is always entertaining. Sometimes, Aqua gets so out of hand they literally PAUSE the anime. Look at her, she's so upset she's flipping her head around like a fan. And of course, everyone watches impassively.

And what would Konosuba be without out chuunibyou loli Megumin possibly be? As the episode comes to a close, we see the perfected teamwork of our misfit party, and Megumin ending it with an epic "EXPLOSION!" I wish I had a screenshot... the magic buildup to the big bang is always so aesthetically pleasing. 

And we finally get to see Aqua do something useful even though it backfired on her in the end. Her God Blow is pretty damn impressive, and look at how colorful it is. It's a very aesthetically pleasing mix of colors, and Aqua actually sounds really cool for once as she declares how she's practically undefeatable. 

And that concludes Season Two of Konosuba! At the end of the episode, it said Thanks for Playing, which may indicate that there won't be any future seasons, but then afterward there was a little scene that seemed to hint at the possibility of more seasons. It seems that they concluded gracefully, but left the possibility for more open, just in case. Let's pray to Aqua for another season of the best comedy that kicked off the new year.