Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Konosuba Season 2 Highlights

With Konsuba Season Two over, we honor an amazing show with an amazing Highlights feature with some of our favorite moments from later episodes. 

Aqua.exe has stopped functioning, please reboot                                 Reboot... fail                                                            Reboot...                                    Hardware malfunction detected.                        Aqua.exe has crashed                                                             Season 3 required to restart

You've gotta love how excited he actually got, even though he barely got any action and was arrested. Poor guy, but at the same time, what a creep. And as always, Konosuba has the best facial expressions.

Hm, why does this strategy sounds familiar? Could it be, Kazuma is going to become Kirito 2.0, stealing the final blow and getting all the glory (plus all the hate)? It also looks like his face is slowly being vacuumed to the side?

Kazuma looks like a cranky old pirate to me in this scene, although other members have said that he looks like he's about to lose it. He's probably meant to look like a conniving con-man though... What does he look like to you guys?

Aqua never fails to impress me with hr wide variety of facial expressions. Emojis? Blegh, no, get rid of those. Use Aqua to describe basically every feeling on the spectrum.

*COUGHS* There are so many underlying tones within this that I don't even think I can say anything, I'm sure you can all imagine the implications. 

Everyone assumes Darkness is a chivalrous Crusader, with only the purest of intentions at heart. If you think about it, she really is a dedicated and noble crusader, deeply loyal and noble in the aspect she takes her role very seriously. Darkness would make the ideal hero, if only she didn't have her... quirks and hobbies. 
No one knows the struggles Kazuma has to go through in handling his misfit party, cleaning up after messes that are usually their fault, all while trying not to bring shame upon them all. 

At least Kazuma is somewhat honest when stuff goes wrong. At times he's portrayed as a horrible person with a selfish agenda, but he can be a pretty decent guy at times. He usually does the responsible thing and makes sure the group can get by safely and without a bad rep. He's a good leader, and possibly the most relatable out of all the characters for most viewers. 

This man looks so dead inside, his eyes are vacant. The Axis Cult has stolen his sanity at this point. He's reached the breaking point. They've been harassing him non-stop, trying to get him to convert to the Axis faith, the poor fellow. 

Progress towards explosion: 95%


THIS IS IT, THE ULTIMATE ATTACK, THE PINNACLE OF EMOTION! THE RAGE MODE SOAP TOSS! Kazuma leaning out of the way to dodge the flying soap, the man's face as he screams all of his feelings out, and his eyes bulging out with the awkward sound effects. This is, in itself, perfection. 

AND THEN KAZUMA DOES IT! The same form, the eyes, the open mouth screaming in frustration. The only difference is Kazuma is way paler and less ripped. I suppose that's only what you can expect from a NEET. 

And we see our original soap tosser, now completely lost to us. The constant pestering of the Axis faith has finally driven him to the edge, and all he can think of now is the mountain of soap and detergent they've forced on him. RIP mate.