Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Interviews with Monster Girls - Episode 9 Recap (Sakie Satou Highlights)

The newest episode of everyone's favorite Demi-chan anime has aired on Crunchyroll, and for this particular article, we'll be looking at some of the highlights the episode has given us on one of our favorite Demi ladies, Sakie Satou. While Sakie has made appearances in other episodes, it feels like Episode 9 has brought a lot of clarity to her relationship and feelings for Takahashi-sensei. 
It's no surprise that she likes Takahashi, because of his kindness towards Demi-humans and his lack of reaction to her aphrodisiac effect (or so she thinks.) But despite her coming to terms with her feelings for him, there haven't been many instances of them having deep interactions. It's mainly them bumping into each other as they do their teacher things, or a few other brief or short interactions. 
However, in Episode 9, they spend a lot of quality time together discussing the nature of succubi, and sharing their theories. Sakie also attempts to use her aphrodisiac charm on him, succeeding getting a small reaction out of him, but overall Takahashi sensei does a good job at keeping himself in check. Despite feeling the effect of her charm, Takahashi shows very good self restraint and even acknowledges that it doesn't translate into feelings. In his theory on succubi, he also mentions how he feels that the aphrodisiac charm doesn't seduce people, but rather enhances the succubi's natural charm and persona. To summarize it, it seems that the SakiexTakahashi ship is starting to set sail, and things are looking pretty hopeful. I feel like they could actually have a healthy, happy, and wonderful relationship. 

Other things that were a great highlight in the episode was Sakie's interaction with her father figure Ugaki, the police detective. We don't really know a lot about Sakie's family life, but it seems like she's closer to him than any other family member. When she was struggling to come to terms with her nature as a succubus and how she can ever hope to have a relationship with Takahashi, let alone anyone, she was able to reach out and seek advice from Ugaki. It seems that Sakie's aphrodisiac effect doesn't phase him at all, possibly because he sees her as a daughter figure. I believe that it's safe to assume Ugaki doesn't have a wife or children, as we haven't spotted a wedding ring or heard any mention of it. He also seems unfamiliar with experiencing children growing up. Despite his lack of knowledge on having a family, he takes care of and is there for Sakie, and sincerely respects and platonically loves her. It just seems really ice that two people who seem to be lacking in the family department are able to reach our and build a connection. There's more I would like to say about their parent/child relationship, and how it translates into our everyday lives, but I believe that I will save that for a separate article. 

Keep an eye out for more Character Highlights for Episode 9!