Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto - Episode 11 Recap

In this episode of Sakamoto, the first half is dedicated to Sakamoto and Acchan as they enjoy some winter activities together. Since in real life the heat is starting to creep up on us (at least in California), watching the snow gives a nice sense of nostalgia. Ah, how I miss those cooler times. 

Oh really? After all the class skipping you've done, you actually remember something? I'm a bit surprised, as I always just thought they would play the roles of the dumb fools through the rest of the series. They would always just back up Acchan, they never had any personal depth to them. But hey, maybe they're turning out to have intellect, and maybe this one could turn out to be someone who has a soft spot for science.

Wait... is he...? No, he couldn't possibly be... Not a reference... not that joke... 

Oh my Kami-sama he did. I can't believe they made the Leonardo DiCaprio joke. Well, so much for character depth... At least he tried. And y'know, close enough. A for effort. Er, A-. 
HIS ARMS ARE MOVING SO FAST OH MY GOD. Step aside Levi Ackerman, because Sakamoto is man's greatest weapon now. Sakamoto kind of reminds me of those air dancers, those blown up guys in car sale parking lots that look like long, colorful noodles? And their arms go all over the place and they just move so flowingly? Just looking at them is like staring into the void itself, you're sucked in and are basically lost to the world? Yeah, Sakamoto is blow up noodle man. 

Oh my god, that's so sweet, Sakamoto built the birds a... house? Now that I'm looking more closely, he built them a luxury condo. They ever have a little garage on the right, and it has to be 2-3 stories tall. Lucky birds, they're living the high life thanks to Sakamoto-kun. 

When you're watching the latest episode of a slice of life anime, or reading a nice manga, it feels as though it's feeling you with literal holy water. In my case, this is me whenever I read that BL yo. I feel as though I'm walking on the wings of yaoi. Although technically it's probably just tainting my soul more... my filthy fujoshi soul. (Don't tell Yuchi)

Okay, did anyone else notice that Sakamoto's glasses were actually floating off of his face and behind him? Like they were just a ghost, trailing behind him? I actually had to pause and look again, because I thought my eyes were tired and I wasn't seeing it correctly. 

And that sums it up for our recap and reaction on Episode 11