Friday, March 10, 2017

Haven't You Heard? I'm Sakamoto - Binge Watch Highlights

In the hide and seek episode, when Sakamoto was hiding from his friends mom... How can someone fit inside of a washing machine, let alone do it so... stylishly? He folds up so well, and even looks out and does the smolder. Honestly he has the most intense smolder, like he's burning a hole right through my filthy Fujoshi soul. 

He looks so dead inside while he's folded up in the curtain like a giant stylish burrito. Sakamoto isn't sporting his sexy smolder either, he's just there. Contemplating life. Contemplating why he's a curtain burrito. Is there a point to life? Are we all destined to be curtain burritos? Have fun with the existential crisis those questions cause you. 

Sakamoto is such a cool and nice guy that he literally brings the most emotionally unstable teach with intense anger issues to tears. If you think about the situation from the other students perspective it;s pretty funny. They're in the middle of sex ed, when their teacher kicks the coolest guy in school out, undergoes an emotional breakdown, and then cries enough liquid to form a literal stream on his face. Well, I guess sex ed CAN get awkwarder.

Sakamoto took the fire alarm so seriously, even though it wasn't really a big deal (or so the viewers assume). Yet he was crawling along the floor with a handkerchief over his nose, in order to not breathe in smoke. He also dumped water over himself so prevent burning. And then he jumped out of a third story window and parachuted to the ground, all while looking like the finest piece of eye candy. He could have easily walked down the stairs though...

Oh look, Sakamoto is playing Keijo. No joke, cried from laughing so hard when I saw this because all I could think of was the Keijo anime and the absurdity of it. Picture this, Sakamoto playing professional Keijo and completely crushing everyone while wearing that tight one piece. Super weird, slightly sexy, definitely would watch just for the laughs. 
As Crunchyroll's Comedy of 2016 pick, this series is definitely something to check out.