Thursday, March 30, 2017

Gonna Be the Twin-Tail!!

Soji Mitsuka is just your average teenage boy, except for the fact he has devoted his entire life to loving twin-tails. He lives, breathes and worships what he considers to be the superior hairstyle for girls. When invaders from another planet come stealing and feeding on the loves of twin-tails and stealing their attribute, of course Soji has to step in and play the role of the hero. With the help of a mysterious stranger, as well as various twin-tailed acquaintances along the way, he unleashes his ultimate power. That is, turning into an adolescent twin-tailed girl with insane power fueled by a love of tails? While Soji didn't expect his hero debut to be in the body of a cute yet underage girl, he still strides forward to protect the things he loves most.

Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu, Anime and Manga Portal, 2014.jpgWhen Crunchyroll added this to their catalog over Winter, it was hard to take it seriously, and it looked like a spoof anime not really worth the time. While it is a comedy, and the entire series is both ridiculous and out of the box, it's a very entertaining show. It blends in an unexpected plot with enough action to satisfy your battle craving, and has plenty of pretty characters. The artwork is decent, nothing too out of the ordinary, but the use of primary colors for the main trio, as well as how they incorporate that into the background scenes occasionally is nice. It does have some inappropriate references at times, so it's directed more towards and older audience, as well as those looking for fanservice. The characters are also a bit bland for the most part, the anime directs the viewers attention towards the various attributes or traits each character had, instead of their individual personality. Everyone was somewhat shallow, there was no buildup or depth in character, it was difficult to relate to them. For a comedy anime it's alright, but they really needed a more serious and relatable character that viewers could identify with, so they could be more interested in the series. Overall, a good series, but lacking some depth that could have made it more appealing beyond the fanservice.