Thursday, March 30, 2017

Does Jumin Han is Gay? - Mystic Messenger has ruined me yet again

This is the most awkward group of people I have ever met and that's coming from me. Also, headcanon, Jumin Han and Zen are the best couple, I will ship them across the ocean and back. They bicker so much, they act like a married couple, and in a sense, they really look up to each other. They're good for each other as they both push themselves in order to surpass the other. But hey, just a personal headcanon. 
DOES JUMIN HAN IS GAY? Props to those of you who remember that reference. If not, I suggest looking it up, it's truly something. Someone help these awkward little beans, they did romantic help. Considering they're characters in a romance app, they're super memey and random. Especially Seven, things will be getting cute and romantic and then he'll pop into the chat with a "DON'T DRINK COFFE, YOU'LL DIE!"