Saturday, March 11, 2017

Cocona and Papika - Cute demon cats, super jar life hack, and the lords of insanity setting me ablaze

A lot of pet owners will probably agree with me on this, especially those with baby kittens or puppies.

Sometimes pets really are the worst.
I have 7 cats, 1 small dog, a pony, and the occasional peacock that screams in the night (Don't ask). I love them all to death, they're so cute, and as you can probably assume from my username, I'm a total cat-a-holic. I love cats probably more than the average high school student.
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But Krispy Kapers, I swear they drive me to the brink of insanity. I feel like I've looked madness in the eye, and somehow managed to not have my eye socket's set aflame. (The void is gonna 420 blaze it yo)

I got two cute little baby kittens right around the holidays. We had recently had some of our older cats pass away, and the house was really quiet and lonely. So we popped into Petsmart after talking about it a lot, and we got the two cutest little babies. Naturally, since I'm a dedicated otaku, I named them after the series I was currently invested in, Flip Flappers. Thus, Cocona and Papika have integrated into our life.
I love them so much, they're my sweet little babies.
The only problem is they're little troublemakers.

Displaying IMG_2235.JPGCocona is the big white coco bean, super soft and squishy, sheds her white fur frickin everywhere.
She's normally so sweet and active, but she's also so MEAN to me! She steals all of my food, is actually physically strong enough to drag me around, and overall messes with me.
She's a tiny cat, basically still a kitten. I'm a grown dang lady, I'm 16 years old and am strong enough to open chip bags all by myself (not really, someone please help). And this teeny little vermin can literally drag the other end of the toy or whatever and DRAG me at least a foot across the carpet. She's too strong, probably has superpowers or something. She's also really heavy because she steals all of the other cats food (and mine), so whenever she sits on my face in the middle of the night, or early in the morning when I supposed to be up getting ready for school, I feel like I'm dying. I'm drowning in a sea of white fur and cuteness, and she's so stubborn I literally can not move her. Am I just weak? Is it me? Or is Cocona Supercat? When she lays on my face when I'm sleeping though, it's just hell because I get cat fur in my system and I can't breathe for the rest of the day (side note: I'm allergic to cat fur, doesn't stop me though). She is pretty cute and cuddly though, and I'm ashamed to admit I've missed school because all I want to do is stay home and snuggle my cute little babies.

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Cocona has earned herself the nickname Tiny Thief. Remember that mobile app game thing? Yeah, that inspired it. She'll pop out of nowhere, and STEAL MY FOOD. My cream puffs, my chips, my napkins, my sandwich, and she even drinks my juice. She'll get close, reach her neck out and snatch something up, and then run off quickly to her sister, and then they'll share their stolen prize. She's too fast for me, and when I can catch her, or at least grab the bag, she's strong enough to yank free of me. I'm powerless to stop her. I'm so weak. (Also look at the picture of that cute little freak after she ripped apart my drawer to make herself a nest.)

Displaying IMG_3434.JPGNow Papika isn't as bad as Cocona. She's tinier than her lump of a sister, just a teeny little silky, shadowy baby. She loves to cuddle with me at night and early in the morning.
She also likes to drink out of my water cup whenever I don't cover it with something. And she partakes in Cocona's spoils of war whenever she steals something. Since Papika is so tiny, she's also really fast, therefore making her super hard to catch. She worms her way out of my grasp and darts of somewhere, usually places little kitties aren't supposed to be. She also loves to climb on my shoulder, and I've always wanted a cat that would ride on my shoulder, except she always claws me... it's partially my fault though since I move too fast. Papika is also a major cord chewer, she has destroyed 4 pairs of headphones, 1 phone charger, and 2 computer chargers. She chews through them, and they'll kinda work so I won't notice, and then BAM! I wonder why no sound is coming from my ear buds and I'll see they're chewed though. Papika loves to play with all sorts of things that I really don't want her in, for her own safety and cleanliness, as well as for my sake. One of her worse habits, and Cocona does this too, they'll take something of mine and drag it to this little hidey hole under my bed. I have a bunch of heavy stuff under there, ans they take it so it's just out of sight and reach. I can barely see it, but the pile keeps growing. They'll just grab random stuff and take it under there, like little dragons hoarding their treasure. Cat toys, jewelry, food, couple slices of bread, socks, napkins. I'll see them grab something and just sigh because I know I'll probably never see it again. I can only pray that they don't do anything weird with what they take, like eat it or something.
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But the main reason I'm ranting about these cute little demons is because like to get inside my trash. They crawl in and knock it over in the middle of the night, make a huge mess, and I really don't like being woken up or having to get up at 2 am. So, I finally just took the garbage out of my room. Only problem is now I just let trash accumulate on my desk, because I don't have the time to take it to the kitchen or bathroom. It's a major pain, and I knew this couldn't go on any longer. So, now, for that promised life hack.

Image result for mason jarCan't have a trash can in your room because of little gremlin kittens? Use Cat's certified, tried and true trash jar. What is it? Why its simply and old car, preferably a Mason jar, that you can stuff little bits of trash in, and every now and then you can go empty it out into a real trash can. Trash Jar has saved my life. I could probably go on for hours about how it has relieved a ton of stress in my life. The only thing I have to worry about it making sure Cocona doesn't get her head stuck in it.

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Even though I pretty much spent this whole article talking about how sweet yet horrible my furry children are, I really do love them. They've brought me a lot of joy and excitement, I really do feel like they're a part of my family. After the loss of some of our cats, which we've had for a long time, it was very difficult for not only my mom and I, but also the other cats in the house. There was just this empty sensation, we all lost companions that held a special place in our hearts. Cocona and Papika have really helped us repair the void. They haven't replaced it, Kami-sama no. We'll always have a place for our old friends, but we'll always be able to make room for new ones.