Friday, March 10, 2017

Being the Older Friend (Ft. Gabriel Dropout Ep. 9 Highlights)

Something every high school student can relate to because we've all either done this, had it done to us, or even both. 

Have you ever really not wanted to do something, or you're super pissed, overall are against something? For example, let's say all of your friends want to go to Starbucks and get that super hipster latte. You hate Starbucks more than anything in the entire universe. Starbucks is the bane of your existence, because it houses your mortal enemies. The hipsters...

Since you're the oldest in your friend group and the only one who can drive, all of your bros beg and plead and whine constantly for you to drive them to Starbucks. Naturally you decline, and stand strong against their pleas. You would never, ever do anything that could help Starbucks earn more money. If Starbucks gets anymore money, they'll take over the world, and there'll be hipsters everywhere!

Kami-sama protect us from these hipsters. Eventually, you look over, and you see your friends. Holding. Your favorite snack.                     How the heck are you supposed to resist that?! Are they sadists?! It's so close, just within reach...                ...                                                                          "Get in the car." you say as you rip into that delectable treat. 

Utter Defeat.