Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Akinator? More like Life-Hack-Inator

Am I funny yet? No? Damn... 

Everyone has heard about the really stupid online Akinator game, with a little genie man who asks you questions to guess who you're thinking of. I tried the game today and was addicted right off the bat. I was obsessed with trying to stump this seemingly all-knowing game. The game obviously just uses the process of elimination, while factoring in your age and potential interests, to guess who you're thinking about. It's really not that hard. But it's so frustrating when he gets that smug look on his digital face as if he's all knowing and he really defeated me. I just wanted to see him admit defeat to me, so I spent at least an hour making him guess at obscure or fairly new characters. And he blew me away, it didn't take him that long to destroy me. He even guessed our beloved Toru, the cutest Maid Dragon. Well, the series is pretty popular, so it shouldn't be a surprise at this point. The lesson of the day, Akinator-sama is too powerful, and someone needs to stop him.