Saturday, February 25, 2017

Demi-chan of the Week: Takanashi Hikari

With the creation of the Official Anime Society Demi-chan Protection Squad, of course we need to have some of our favorite Demi-Humans featured on the page! Today we'll be adding Takanashi Hikari, the little vampire from Interviews with Monster Girls. A few highlights on Hikari:

She loves the cold, therefore of course she loves to be all over her snow-woman friend Yuuki. She loves to hang all over her, as well as chew on her just a little with her fangs.

Holy Guacamole, look at Hikari's face as she's chewing on Yuuki's neck. If that isn't one of the best faces you've ever seen, then I don't know what to tell you man. It's so cute how she also clings to Yuuki, like she's higgin her but also just trying to be close. This was right after Yuuki had a major breakthrough with her nature as a Demi, and started to open up more to her peers. No wonder Hikari is being so close, she's finally able to build deep emotional bonds with a fellow Demi-chan.

Despite Hikari having a twin sister, they don't share the same vampire gene. They're polar opposites, Hikari being a mischievous, lazy fiend, while her sister Himari is a studious, responsible student. Himari takes care of Hikari and looks after her a lot, and does her best to be there for her sister, while also trying to teach her to be more responsible and independent. While Himari acts like she is always mad at Hikari, she really does care about her sisters well being. There's even a rumor she lightened her hair so Hikari's wouldn't stand out so much.... Hikari loves her twin a lot, and relies on her to save the day whenever Hikari is too busy of lazy to do something (for example, her hair).

Himari may not be a Demi-chan, but she's definitely waifu material. But back to our little vampire! Sometimes, due to her vampire nature, she gets the urge to chew on something, similar to a rabbit in a way. Like when she chewed on Yuuki's shoulder, when at home, she gets a little case of the noms. So her loving sister Himari lets her chew on her arm. If that isn't sisterly love, then really, what is? Hikari is practically a meme, and I relate to her on a spiritual level. Let's make nomming Hikari a thing please, #HikariNoms

She makes so many fun poses, has a great relationship with all her sensei's and peers, and she enjoys every moment. No matter what happens, she usually has a smile and a good attitude, plus she's always up to a little bit of harmless trouble. Also, if you notice, she really just has her own aura and presence. She stands out from the crowd, and has her own sense of style. For example, notice she never tucks her shirt in, while all the other students do. And she has that crazy hard to do but cool hairstyle.

Long story short, Hikari is a cute Demi-chan, and she deserves love, affection and protection from everything that could ever possibly harm her or take away that radiant smile.