Thursday, January 26, 2017

Meeting Announcement

Today we will officially be resuming our weekly Anime Society meetings, so come over to room D5 (Lahey's room) for our meeting.

Today's Schedule:

  • Looking over the recently announced Crunchyroll Anime Awards
  • Discussing some of the 2016 series that didn't make it on to the list
  • Discussing the Anime of The Year, which will be announced this Saturday by the Crunchyroll Staff
  • If time permits, begin our streaming of Tonari no Seki-kun: Master of Killing Time 
    • Due to lack of physical attendance (because you all just sit at home and watch it by yourselves, or join our live feedback conversations on Google Hangouts and Twitter), we're changing the anime we plan on streaming. Our current choices have come under question due to some of the content, so we'll change it over to something more friendly for now. 
  • Daily website maintenance and progress reports on our new anime series descriptions
I will be a little bit late to start the meeting, as I have to stop and drop off my CSF forms. Please feel free to get comfortable, start eating, and start debating about the Anime Awards results if you would like. 

If you would like to join the conversation, but can't make it to the meeting, the feel free to watch our Twitter (@SLVAnimeClub) for live comments on the episodes, as well as discussion points and food for thought. We will pt our Google Hangouts calls and group chats on hold for the tie being due to the timing being so last minute, and various other technical issues. 

A side note which I plan to touch on briefly now, more extensively in the future. We have a large amount of traffic on our site, group chats, and other people who follow our progress online. But our physical attendance is incredibly low. To be fair, I have been very inconsistent as far as having meetings, and I haven't been very active in sending out emails to members. But since we have so few people coming, I'm thinking that we're going to not stream as much on the screen, and instead work on our online presence. The Anime Society is going to slowly transition from being a school club to being an online platform for people to get together and make friends, all while enjoying anime. So heads up! Things are going to be changing a bit due to more online than physical interest. 
(This also means we'll need a few more admins and writers for our site, possibly some editors depending on how much we're posting per day. Email us if you're interested.)

Hope to see you for the meetings, and if not following us online. 
- Cat Shewfelt