Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Hey Hey Hey! (matinance, Otaku Outreach, meetings)

Hey hey hey fellow anime lovers. Just a little note with some updates about what's going on with the club, as well as our website. 

Image result for bokuto haikyuu hey hey heyTo start off with, I hope everyone had an awesome, safe Halloween. I know I had a ton of fun, cosplayed as Misa Amane from Death Note, almost broke a leg running in the dark. You know, typical Halloween stuff. 

Now, I know that I have been a little... sketchy (inconsistent?) with the club meetings. I was out with what felt like the plague for about two weeks, and since then have been drowning in paperwork and projects. But hey, so is every other high school student. I'm home today sick (again), but next week we will be resuming our weekly meetings, and streaming One Punch Man (I think). 

Also, today I'll be majorly renovating the website. I was looking back on some of my old anime descriptions (yes I did all/most of them) and they're a little... mm... cringe-worthy. So I'm going back to update as many as I can, as well as update our anime list. 

The most important thing, is that we have finally started our Otaku Outreach program! It's been a quiet project that I have been working on, but I'm finally putting things in to place. We'll be reaching out to other Anime/Cosplay groups in our area, so we can all be more connected. I believe that we can make our hobby a more fulfilling if we experience with others. 

To learn more about our Otaku Outreach, or get your club listed, email us at

~ Cat