Thursday, November 10, 2016

Bungo Stray Dogs

Image result for bungou stray dogsThere are those who are normal in the world, and then there are the elite few who are born with special abilities, or gifts. Nakajima Atsushi has been kicked out of his orphanage, and is now on the streets starving to death. As he laments his own inability to steal in order to survive, Atsushi finds himself saving the life of suicidal manic Osamu Dazai, who is attempting to drown himself in the river. The cheerful Dazai and his strict partner Kunakida Doppo are members of the elusive Armed Detective Agency, with ability wielding employees that handle grey zone investigations the police aren't able to touch. He's then swept along lands in a deep investigation about a man-eating tiger that his roaming the streets.

A truly wonderful series, with a very engaging plot line. It mixed in action and adventure with a twist of fantasy, all while keeping a sense of excitement and humor. The manga is very good, with beautiful and elegant artwork, and the ability scenes for the anime are very well animated. The voices chosen are also pleasant, although Atsushi's voice could have been more suited to him. One of the best parts about this series is that it's very similar to Black Butler in the sense that the anime arcs are different from the original manga. In the big picture they're accurate and the same, but the anime includes a fun mini arc about Dazai's time in the Port Mafia, along with a unique opening sequence.

A fun fact about the series, all of the characters are based off of actual authors, thus the series name which translates into 'Literary Stray Dogs.' It's obvious that the creator has a lot of respect for literature, it really comes through in his work. The abilities of the characters are also named after the work their respective author wrote. This show is beautiful, a blend of a lot of different genres that typically aren;t mixed into such an awe-inspiring show.

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