Friday, October 21, 2016


SHELTER is a short, six minute video filled with complexity and the beautiful, simple nature about life, love, and what some believe, the meaning about our existence itself. The music video is about Rin, a 17 year old girl who lives in her own virtual world in complete, heartbreaking solitude. The Crunchyroll description used the phrase "Infinite, beautiful loneliness." She controls the landscape and area around her with a tablet, letting her travel to incredible places and beautiful worlds of her own design. But despite her perfect virtual world, things are not as wonderful as initially thought. To get more details, you'll just have to watch the video.

This music video knocked Reddit and a good portion of the internet off of it's feet, with conversations, debates, and heated discussions popping up across the world as we all attempt to understand what sort of meaning was behind SHELTER.  SHELTER is not an anime series, but rather a music video by American musician Porter Robinson, featuring Madeon. The animation was done by A-1 Pictures, and inspired and styled by Japanese animation. Despite the animation not made to be the main focus, as it is a music video after all, one can't help but admire the beautiful artwork and animation that was put in to the video. The design for Rin is so innocent and simple, but her facial features portray such raw feeling. The way the landscape changes based on what Rin put in to her tablet, the transition process, and the way things come to life is perfect.

I don't believe that there has ever been a video packed with so much life and emotion in just a mere six minutes. I didn't quite understand what all of the hype over the simple music video SHELTER was, but when I finally decided to take just a few minutes out of my life to watch it, I feel like everything has changed. I've been making connections and interacting with people that I haven't talked to in a long time, and it's all thanks to SHELTER. I sincerely hope that SHELTER will be made into a series, or that it will evolve from a short music video to something that we can thoroughly invest ourselves in. A light novel, a series of shorts, an anime, or even companion music videos. There is nothing more in the world that I want more, in this pure moment, than to see more of Rin, her struggles, and to feel that spark of empathy and humanity in myself that SHELTER brings out.

You should watch it if you love music, if you love life, if you love anime, there's a million other reasons. But if you are a human, just like the rest of us, struggling through each day, learning and growing as time passes and you get older. If you are a small, tiny soul, roaming the earth in search for your purpose in life, for love, for something more than what is already here. If you are human. Then you should watch SHELTER.