Sunday, October 23, 2016

One Punch Man

OnePunchMan manga cover.pngEvery hero has his moment of glory, and his moments of defeat. A heroes drive is based on his passion to protect those he cares about. And in times of hardship, when all hope is lost, they have to use their willpower to defeat the enemy. Well, except for Saitama.

Saitama, after awakening his passion for justice, trained so hard that he became bald. He's now the strongest hero in the entire world, and can defeat all of the various monsters and villains that appear with a single punch. But with his great power, comes great boredom. When you can beat even the highest class of threats with incredible ease, life becomes pretty mundane. He tries to find strong opponents to battle with, but they all are destroyed with one punch.

The artwork in the anime is so fluid and incredible, and the facial expressions are very neatly done. Saitama generally has a plain or blank look on his face, but then there are times where his expression will be perfectly detailed. The comedy and ridiculousness of the interactions between the different heroes, it adds so much flavor to the show. It really puts a spin on the normal hero genre, in essence going backwards. Instead of starting from the bottom, Saitama is at the top in terms of power, although in terms of respect and recognition he's below rock bottom. A definite must see, no matter what genre of anime you generally like.

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