Saturday, October 15, 2016

Mob Psycho 100

Image result for mob psycho 100Kageyama Shigeo, AKA Mob, is an Esper, (user of ESP, Estra Sensory Perception) meaning he has the ability to see and exorcise spirits, as well as use other incredible psychic abilities. Even among the other few Espers that roam the world, Mob is possibly the most powerful one to exist. Despite his powers Mob wishes to suppress them and live his life as normally as possible, not wanting to rely on ESP. But whenever his hard to express emotions reach 100%, he goes out of control and strange things happen to him. With secret organizations, competing Espers, and a con artist salt welding odd ball Master, Mob is in over his head and has no idea what to do. And that pretty girl at his school still won't notice him.. Mob Psycho 100 has such a beautiful art style, and the unexpected colors really are eye catching. The plot is really in depth while also having witty humor, and the charaters are amazing. Reigen, Mobs crazy fake Esper sensei, is possibly one of the most oddball yet inspirational con artists I have seen, both in real life and the fandom world. The opening theme song and credits are perfect as well, giving you new things to pick up on every time you watch it and enjoy to hodge podge of excitement in the art.

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