Saturday, October 15, 2016


Kiznaiver is a very in depth anime that follows a group of seven high school students as they're brought together through the Kizna system. Sugomori City used to be a futuristic place that was home to the giant experiment of the Kizna system, which was originally designed to connect peoples feelings, but instead functioned to make a group of people share pain. The experiment was a failure, and the project was shut down. Years later, seven teens who are from completely different groups with no understanding of each other are forced to become Kiznaivers and share each others pain. Agata Katsuhira, one of the participants, in completely unable to feel pain, and together the group goes through emotional highs and lows as they struggle to understand each other and unravel the mystery of the truth behind the Kizna system, and the mysterious girl who seems to hold the power behind the system, Sonozaki Noriko. The opening, along with the theme song, is incredibly aesthetically pleasing. All of the colors as well as character motions are very unique and eccentric, it's definitely not something you'll see in your run of the mill series. It also really delves deeper into the meaning behind the human mind, and the struggle that human beings go through just to connect with each other and understand even though we're different.