Saturday, October 15, 2016

Kiss Him Not Me

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Sometimes, all we want is an anime we can relate to on a spiritual level. But at the same time we also want an exciting, romantic, slice of life series that won't bore us. Thankfully, Serinuma Kae is able to fulfill our requests in the new anime series Kiss Him Not Me! Originally a manga series by Junko, it has finally been adapted. Kae is your stereotypical otaku and fujoshi, meaning she believes that instead of a prince and princess, two princes should be together, while she prefers to observe from the sidelines. When Kae loses a drastic amount of weight when her favorite anime character dies, she suddenly finds herself in the middle of her own harem of all the boys she had previously shipped with each other. She finds herself developing feelings for all of them, as well as another girl who later joins the group. But despite this, she still dreams of a prince with his prince, and constantly tries to get her point across to the boys, kiss him, not me!

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